Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini MILFy Pose Down On the Sandy Shores of Miami

Consider me fascinated with the BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. Admittedly, that fascination lies heavily with the hot worked and yoked body she's perfected post-babies to give her one of the tautest lady bodies on that very heavenly sextastic lady filled beach in Miami. This mom not only holds her own, she often literally holds her own. That's called spice.

Thank you kindly to Jennifer for sharing these hot of the presses poses of her stellar body on the beach posing down like a woman half her age but with twice the naughty knowledge. It's a dangerous combination that likely proves very lucky for her romantic mate. If JNL can crack a walnut between her cheeks, imagine what she could do to... yeah, forgot. This is a family show. But go on and contemplate the delicious pain. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Upskirt Caused by Excessively Short Skirt in Public

Now, I'm not so naive as to believe BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee didn't know that her not-obscenely-short-enough skirt was going to provide some upskirt panties peeks for the lucky boys along the Miami Beach strip where Jennifer struts her sweet motherly visuals. But, as it turns out, I care not. I kind of like the knowingly naughty moms. By 'kind of', I mean I'm on the edge of my seat screaming at the monitor. This is probably why people keep asking me if I am taking my medications.

A hot bodied mom in a short skirt with some Mrs. Robinson like tendencies. Yes, I am very much into that. If a few teen boys have to learn where the urge to make babies comes from at a slightly premature age, that's just the price of luxurious visuals for the rest of us. I saw the neighbor couple going at it when I was but a wee child and t hat hardly affected me in any way as I'm sure you can tell. Bless you, JNL. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Mighty Asstastic Booty Show in Miami

If there's one thing BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee knows, it's booty. In fact, she told me herself in person her asstastic is her favorite body part to work out. I think she said that, I was kind of lose in a haze staring at her mighty thumper while she was talking so she could have said hair or nose. But I'm pretty sure I heard the word booty. Or maybe I was just thinking it really strongly.

Jennifer took to the scene of her favorite Miami Beach pool for a little bikini thumper show. She really does have an impressive bottom, for a veteran hot bodied mommy. It takes many squats. I know. That's why I've purchased a director's chair so I can comfortably view Jennifer while she's tightening her glutes. I hate to sweat. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Loses Her Bikini Bottoms in a Hammock, Such Accidents Befall Her

Of all the bad luck, the world's worst bikini knotter, BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee, lost her bikini bottoms again from a clearly random wardrobe malfunction while trying to do something in a hammock that is really hard to explain. I spoke with Jennifer just a couple weeks ago and she told me the copious amounts of baby oil on her taut, muscular body at any given time tends to create these unfortunate incidents. Of course, she failed to mention why she's covered from head to toe in copious amounts of baby oil 24x7, not that I'm complaining. That is kind of the dream girl.

Someday, Jennifer's inability to properly stow her lady parts inside her swimsuits will result in a messy public exposure warrant and probably Jennifer on the lam across country in a Mustang convertible. At least that's how I imagine it going down as I ogle her bare, oily arse. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Red Bikini On Miami Beach

Fitness guru and hot person Jennifer Nicole Lee was spotted looking sexy as F in a red bikini in Miami Beach. It's no surprise given her profession that Jennifer is in redonkulously amazing shape. You could bounce quarters off of her abs. But she's no flat-chested body builder with pecs instead of boobies. She's got an unbelievable rack. They are perfectly spherical. Her ta-tas are the very definition of pert. As if that wasn't enough, her bikini bottom shows off her tight booty splendidly. She looks like she can really shake that tuchus. I don't know that for a fact but it's just a feeling I get. I like Jennifer because even though she's in incredible shape, she's still got curves. That's exercising the right areas and letting the others be their natural selves.

I would probably get motivated to go and exercise more if I had someone who looked like Jennifer to motivate me. I'd even put up with friggin' Zumba to look at her and I hate Zumba.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Comes to the Egotastic! Offices For 2 Random Minutes (VIDEO)

You know how I feel about hot women. You know how I feel about hot moms. And you better believe when I read that BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee was newly single and in need of a man, I went and bought out the entire shelf of Axe body spray options at the local CVS. Then I called up Jennifer and invited her out to Los Angeles to meet her odiferous destiny. As with all sextastic women I meet, all she wanted to do was talk. Such is my lot in life. But I did get Jennifer to share a little bit of her fun, naughty fitness mommy self for my camera before she punched me and took my milk money.

Check out my Random 2 Minutes interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee and see if you don't experience flashbacks to the first toned spin instructor whoever yelled submissive lust into your heart. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Working Out Like a MILFtastic Champ

Whoa, somebody's getting into even more stellar physical shape and it's not me. But BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is putting her body money where her mouth is. Not just talking the fitness talk, but walking, running, punching, tugging, grunting, and sweating the workout walk. Holy fitness freak, Batman.

Just look at that tone Jennifer is groaning herself into with ropes and gloves and all sorts of exercise equipment that gives me the willies thinking about for myself. But on Jennifer, it sure looks great. If you tell her otherwise, she'd probably bench press you into oblivion. I might like that, if she was in a bikini while doing so. Keep up the good work, Jennifer. Enjoy.