Jenna Bentley

Jenna Bentley Cleavage Nearly Spills Out Onto Rodeo Drive

Jenna Bentley is an international magazine model. Which means, you can look, but you can not touch. Okay, you can touch, but you can not afford. Okay, so maybe you can afford, but still, please, don’t get in the way of the rest of us looking.

The blonde buxom model was flirting about Beverly Hills over the weekend showing off some deep cleavage that nearly fell out of her top. Now, Jenna may famously prefer the company of slightly more economically advantaged men than myself, but I’m like a pit bull of pleading and moaning, once I clamp on, I never stop begging. Jenna, let’s just make this easy on the both of that, you don’t want a large man whimpering the word ‘motorboat’ behind you for the next three minutes to several years. Concede and let’s move on. Enjoy.

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Jenna Bentley Girl-on-Girls Her Way Onto Egotastic!

Playboy Playmates come and go, very few leave a lasting mark, one of the reasons we tend to highlight only those with that special oomph that may indicate some staying power. Jenna Bentley is getting close. Not, it’s not just because of these Jenna Bentley girl-girl makeout photos, or because of these ridiculous Jenna Bentley cleavage pictures while working out by the beach, it’s because… wait, actually, it is because of those two things. For a second there I forgot just how much I like seeing two hot girls with ridiculous sized fun bags making out. Life is simple when you let it be. Jenna Bentley, we have our ogle eyes on you. Let’s see if you can keep up your game. A secret sex tape couldn’t hurt. Just saying. Enjoy.

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