Jenna Bentley Skin Tight One Piece for Maxim

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bill-swift - June 28, 2017

Jenna Bentley is still working her cameras-on-me magic with an outfit that kind of flowered up her various lady parts. The former Playboy model turned celeb gossip and older man hunting vixen took a turn on the Maxim 100 red carpet because they invited every girl they could find with a Q rating of any level who agreed to show up. It ain't what it used to be over there, but the ladies will still put on the skin tights for the annual event.

Jenna's been doing the public displays of the pubic for some time now, more often than not in bikinis at the beach with her benefactors. It's not the life for everyone, but it's the life for many more than you might expect in and around the entertainment industry. As far as the gentleman ogler is concerned, our social leering contracts begins and ends with the decked out evenings out in revealing body suits. 

What happens on the red carpet stays on the red carpet. Including the stains. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid