Willow Shields Hand Washing PSA!

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Tex Hollywood - March 20, 2020

Willow Shields is a 19 year old actress, who was in the Hunger Games movies, that I've never seen. Those movies came out many years ago, so she was probably very young, so for that reason alone, I hope you don't know who Willow Shields is.

She was most recently in a Netflix series called Spinning Out, which also starred January Jones. I did watch an episode of that and hated it despite loving figure skaters for all their panty flashes.

She is probably in LA like all the celebrities are, in lockdown, which is kind of how all celebrities live when they aren't working. Forced to deal with their own demons and mental health disorders with all their money, food, pools, and gyms.

She is out here giving you some help in a leotard, you know reminding you to wash your hands with your pants off, because as we all know when you are in self isolation at home, only weirdos wear pants!

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