Gemma Merna

Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter Cleavetastic for Hollyoaks 20th Anniversary

British soaps love their busty babes, as do we it turns out, so we had to sneak some peeks at the 20th anniversary party of Hollyoaks, an Old Country drama that has given us many hottie thespianics over the years. Including Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter, who flashed some serious cleave, as soap stars quite often do, on the red carpet of their 20th anniversary party.

It’s not that fun-time levels of boobtastic are the only reason to check in with the soaps, but it is mostly and truly that if I’m being completely honest. Okay, also the bitch slapping. But mostly just the bodacious racks. Enjoy.

Gemma Merna Says Not So Fast, Helen, Check Out These Puppies

Wow, we just named Helen Flanagan the boobtastic queen of the FHM ball but a few minutes ago and BLAMMO! Gemma Merna comes in with a cleavetastic performance of her own. The Hollyoaks soap star added her own two enormous sweater puppies to the debate over who owned the red carpet for the lads magazine event last night in London. And, as with most debates, we must carefully and leeringly evaluate the fleshy evidence.

In the end, I still have to side with Helen, but I am giving Gemma an A-for-effort. Make that two A’s for her twin efforts. She is quite a gal in her own right. What a night. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lawrence Nipple Slip, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr Topless, Christina Milian Upskirt, and Much Much More…

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Oh, blessed Friday. How do you do. We’ve collectively earned ourselves a little R&R on this Easter Weekend (Pesach, for our friends of the even more ancient traditions) and we’re going to start easing into it through a group leer at the bountiful harvest of hotness brought together by the clans for the weekly communal ritual we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s figurative juicy ham sandwich comes packed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr in a beautiful topless beach photo, Eliza Dushku looking as sexy as we’ve ever seen, Alessandra Ambrosio nighttime naughty, Franco-Cannuckian hottie Anais Pouliot artsy topless, Christina Milian panties peek, Belen Rodriguez topless on the beach, Caroline Wozniacki tennis time upskirts, Gemma Merna lingerie amazing, Genesis Rodriguez underwear hot body, Jennifer Lawrence nipple slip, Mila Kunis with her fist in her mouth, Sara Tommasi pantyhose commando flashes, and Sophie Howard hot and topless. It’s a springtime buffet of the boobtastic.

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Holly Pokes: Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter Show Off Their Star Qualities

Now, I know not many of you offshore the British isles dedicate yourselves to the viewing of English soap operas quite like we do here in the Egotastic! offices, but if you’re missing Hollyoaks, you’re missing something special. But don’t let me sell you; just take a look, courtesy of Nuts magazine, at two of the superiorly built cast members, Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter, on bikini vacation in Spain, showing off their wares which I can only dream of soaping down in some type of vessel designed to bathe the female form. It’s like a four cannon salute to awesomeness. Enjoy.

Gemma Merna Appears in Loaded Magazine Before She Gets Married to Loaded Dude,

One of our very favorite (meaning, most sextastic) British soap stars, Gemma Merna, pulled out all the hot stops for next month’s Loaded magazine looking all kinds of ridiculously hot, before she ties the knot to some wealthy real estate dude, the popular marital target of many a hot young blonde. The Hollyoaks star certainly knows how to properly wear a sports bra, not like that chubby lady on the Stairmaster next to me at the gym whose boobsweat stains form a disturbingly dead on silhouette of Elton John’s face, but, rather, Gemma has proud, perky nipples poking through, the tip of her perfectly curved body iceberg, ideal for the gentleman ogler. Enjoy.

Gemma Merna Lingerie Pictures Put the Holy Smokes in Hollyoaks

We’ve talked more about British soap operas on here recently than a couple pensioners in Leicester baking kidney pies for Sunday picnic. (I have no idea what that actually might mean.) The Channel 4 show Hollyoaks seems to be just a ceaseless bounty of hotness, including last week’s Egotastic! unveiling of Jorgie Porter in Loaded magazine, and, now, Gemma Merna, the show’s very own Carmel Valentine, shows off her A-grade body in these busty lingerie outtakes from our boobtastic buddies at Nuts magazine.

By way of disclaimer, I will admit that I’m prone to be in lust with anybody named Gemma, it’s sort of the British version of the U.S. ‘Ashley’. Odds are, Ashley is hawt. My newfound lust for the sexy Gemma Merna is unlikely to sway me from this unfounded and ludicrous naming generalization. I’d rather be ignorant than inconsistent. I think Einstein or somebody said that. Enjoy.