Gemma Merna Lingerie Pictures Put the Holy Smokes in Hollyoaks

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bill-swift - January 14, 2011

We've talked more about British soap operas on here recently than a couple pensioners in Leicester baking kidney pies for Sunday picnic. (I have no idea what that actually might mean.) The Channel 4 show Hollyoaks seems to be just a ceaseless bounty of hotness, including last week's Egotastic! unveiling of Jorgie Porter in Loaded magazine, and, now, Gemma Merna, the show's very own Carmel Valentine, shows off her A-grade body in these busty lingerie outtakes from our boobtastic buddies at Nuts magazine.

By way of disclaimer, I will admit that I'm prone to be in lust with anybody named Gemma, it's sort of the British version of the U.S. 'Ashley'. Odds are, Ashley is hawt. My newfound lust for the sexy Gemma Merna is unlikely to sway me from this unfounded and ludicrous naming generalization. I'd rather be ignorant than inconsistent. I think Einstein or somebody said that. Enjoy.