Elsa Hosk Hot in Tokyo

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Echo Lawrence - January 21, 2020

Elsa Hosk is the Swedish professional basketball player who decided that shooting hoops was already, but being a famous model for a huge brand is better.

I mean who is watching Female Swedish Basketball anyway? However, now that I just spelled that out, I'm wondering why we aren't all watching Female Swedish Basketball all freaking day.

It sounds like a solid fetish to me. Screw the Super Bowl, that should be the most hyped event of the year, but probably not so much for the basketball and much more to do with the Swedes.

She's a babe, one of the best around and if you don't believe me, you can ask Candice Swanepoel because that's who she replaced when Candice was off making babies. The maternity leave "scab" that everyone liked better than the one off on Maternity leave. The only issue with asking Candice anything is that probably won't return your calls or comments on her instagram, she never does. That snob!

But we don't need her. we got Elsa!

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