Gemma Merna Appears in Loaded Magazine Before She Gets Married to Loaded Dude,

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bill-swift - March 1, 2011

One of our very favorite (meaning, most sextastic) British soap stars, Gemma Merna, pulled out all the hot stops for next month's Loaded magazine looking all kinds of ridiculously hot, before she ties the knot to some wealthy real estate dude, the popular marital target of many a hot young blonde. The Hollyoaks star certainly knows how to properly wear a sports bra, not like that chubby lady on the Stairmaster next to me at the gym whose boobsweat stains form a disturbingly dead on silhouette of Elton John's face, but, rather, Gemma has proud, perky nipples poking through, the tip of her perfectly curved body iceberg, ideal for the gentleman ogler. Enjoy.