Where Has Gemma Merna Been My Whole Life?

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aldo-vallon - November 11, 2017

 Gemma Merna has the stage presence of a seal smoking a cigar while riding a tricycle. Which means that when one is around, people tend to take notice. And for good reason, it is not easy to train a seal to do either of those things. Seals have a very natural fear of wheels, so getting them onto a trike is a task and a half. Teaching them to smoke a cigar is a little easier because they love tobacco, but keeping them out of the water while they have it lit is a challenge. Gemma Merna on the other hand probably required little training to get where she is today. One cannot be taught beauty, after all. Although a boob job is a step in the right direction. That is why I always advise people who are looking to get into the spotlight that it is much easier to simply be beautiful than to find a seal and train it. Teenagers do not want to listen though and they end up blowing their savings on a money pit. Some people need to learn things the hard way.   

Photo Credit: Splash News

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