Fernanda Uesler

Milena Cardoso and Fernanda Uesler Bikini Brazilian Buddies in Miami

Everybody has their own agenda for improving this planet. My plan involves more hot lithesome Brazilian models walking the earth in tiny bikinis. Laugh all you want, my plan is actually guaranteed to make people happier. Just look at how even Miami Beach has been kicked up a notch by the introduction of so many sextastic models from Sudamericana prance and preening on the beaches most days for no reason other than to spread visual joy and virtual happiness.

Fernanda Uesler and her sultry BFF Milena Cardoso made their way up and down the shoreline fixing each others swimsuits, giggling, laughing, and mostly just making men pleasantly uncomfortable in their swim trunks. A perfect day at the office really for these two suntanned bikini hotties. They need not do anything else and they are already what I would consider society's givers. Oh, those lovely little tushes, they are really giving the most. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler Bikini Pictures Put the Hot Diggety Damn in Hot Brazilian Model Strutting

Don't get me started on the long line of lovelies out of Brazil currently strolling our sandy shores. If I were a filibustering Senator, I could speak for ten days straight on the sextastic lineage of bikini hotties that come from one of the lands down under the equator, including Fernanda Uesler whose bikini booty and ridiculously hot body has made Miami here home for the time being.

I wish my own abode had the same allure as Miami for these wicked sextastic international models. How nice would it be to wake up each morning to hear the sounds of dozens of crazy tanned and alluring bikini models pulling on their thongs as they chatter in multiple foreign lingos. That's rhetorical, it would be very nice. Much better than hearing my neighbor Steve from across the balcony groaning about how his pants don't fit him anymore. Fernanda, come sashay about my living room in your perfectly fitting two piece swimsuits. Save me from Steve. Pretty please. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler, Thy Bikini Name Is Sultry Passion

Sometimes I just look at a sultry hot Brazilian woman and I melt into a quivering mass of room temperature Jell-O. And when they look back, it's complete dissolve to the molecular level. Just look at Brazilian born hottie model Fernanda Uesler posing for a bikini hot body shoot in Miami. That body, that bottom, that look of lust inducement. It's just so crazy hot. It's only with the utmost of self-restraint that I don't unleash my full powers of manliness upon Fernanda, because we're both professionals.

I know everyday people remind us to be more thankful for all the good things in our life. It's solid advice to keep yourself focused on the positive. As for me, I'm focusing on Fernanda for a little while longer. I feel more than grateful to live in a world with millions of good looking ladies. Imagine being a snail. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler and Her Perfected Bikini Body Are Back Playing Beach Volleyball

We saw Fernanda Uesler working out on the beach yesterday, today she's involved in more aerobic and muscle training by way of some intense beach volleyball action along the Miami shoreline. She's Brazilian, so you know right off the bat she's going to look amazing in a bikini and also be a ringer volleyballer. They do grow their tall hot setters and spikers down Brazil way.

There's really never been a fine sport invented than women's beach volleyball. I sure do love me some NFL, but if my executioner gives me 30 minutes of last sporting event to watch, I might just go with hottie Latinas in bikinis bumping the ball around the sand in their booty clinging bikinis. That or pro bowling. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler Ups the Miami Workout Heat in a Colorful Bikini Top

Intense. Miami intense. Anybody who thinks the Heat are the hottest show in town are not paying attention to the dozens of models from around the world descended upon Miami Beach to both show off their wicked hot world class bodies, as well as shape, tone, and tan those female forms just to stay in the game.

Fernanda Uesler is a natural. By that I mean she's Brazilian. She was born with a distinct advantage in the bikini body game. But don't think she's taking that sextastic foundation for granted. Oh, no, she knows what it takes to be on the medal stand at the end of the day, so she's working her body fit in a bikini top right along the sandy shores. Leg raises, sprints, other things designed to lengthen her muscles and make the gentleman onlookers suffer. With all the shizz going on around the world today, you need only look at the migration of hotties in Miami Beach to know what gives me hope for humanity. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler Bikini Watermelon Perfection Strutting the Beach in Miami

Wow and she-damn. I didn't think Fernanda Uesler, another gem in the Brazilian bikini model arsenal, could possibly get more beachy alluring. But you throw in that watermelon bottom and the desire to dive into the summer fruit has never been stronger.

Fernanda has the long lean and statuesque tanned body that can only have been forged in the sextastic female form factory in the sky. It's as if she stepped out of my dream, got even just a little bit tanner and wetter, and strode across the horizon as the perfect tease on earth. Oh, my my. Her outrageously hot bikini body doth inspire so many daring feats of self-passion. I'd be tempted to spit the seeds. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler Bikini Show for the Gentleman Oglers of Miami

The more Brazilians the better as far as I'm concerned. I mean, maybe not all the soccer players and such, but tall sultry ridiculously hot bikini models moving up to our nation's shores, yes, bring it on and on.

Fernanda Uesler is about as perfect a a bikini body gets. I know, I've inspected so many without any permission through the years. Her statuesque form like a beacon of the sextastic along the shores of South Florida, calling sailors to their end upon the rocks I suppose mostly. That smile, that hair, the tan, the body, the skin, it's all working ever so perfectly for me. I wonder if she'd let me be her bikini tie boy, traveling the world with her making bows with her bottoms and tops. I could do that for a living, or just to feel alive. Enjoy.