Fernanda Uesler In A Batman Bikini On Halloween

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bill-swift - November 4, 2014

Halloween is over but it doesn't mean we can't still enjoy Brazilian model Fernanda Uesler's fantastic Batman costume. Well, I guess it's Batgirl. Or is it Batwoman or Bat-American? I can't keep up. Either way, the caped crusader has never looked hotter. It's basically a teeny bikini with the bat symbol on the boobies, a cape, and a mask. The problem with dressing like Batman is that it's pretty covered up and unsexy, (except for the George Clooney Batman costume that had nipples). But it's a shame if you have an amazing body like Fernanda to keep it under wraps. That toned stomach, those lovely perky ta-tas, those long silky legs are meant to be seen and appreciated.

I'm sad that Halloween is over. Not just because I'm fat and like candy but because for a couple of weeks a year women dress in underwear and bikinis and call it a costume. Well, there's always next year.