Milena Cardoso and Fernanda Uesler Bikini Brazilian Buddies in Miami

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bill-swift - September 11, 2014

Everybody has their own agenda for improving this planet. My plan involves more hot lithesome Brazilian models walking the earth in tiny bikinis. Laugh all you want, my plan is actually guaranteed to make people happier. Just look at how even Miami Beach has been kicked up a notch by the introduction of so many sextastic models from Sudamericana prance and preening on the beaches most days for no reason other than to spread visual joy and virtual happiness.

Fernanda Ueslerand her sultry BFF Milena Cardoso made their way up and down the shoreline fixing each others swimsuits, giggling, laughing, and mostly just making men pleasantly uncomfortable in their swim trunks. A perfect day at the office really for these two suntanned bikini hotties. They need not do anything else and they are already what I would consider society's givers. Oh, those lovely little tushes, they are really giving the most. Enjoy.