Emmy Rossum

Shameless Is Back! Emmy Rossum Bra Hottie, Ileana Huxley And Shanola Hampton Topless


Shameless really is one of my favorite shows on television. I’d say that even if it didn’t have so many wonderfully epic topless scenes. I might say it with a little less enthusiasm, but it’s still a great show. Now then you start adding in Emmy Awesome in her undies or less quite regularly, Shanola Hampton often flashing her full funbags, and a new hottie like Ileana Huxley every season removing her top and getting it on, and suddenly you go from great to monumental.

I’d like to kiss the show creators. Gently, on the cheek, after rounds of mad passionate love making with Emmy and Shanola and the rest of the topless cast. There’s no reason why gratitude can’t follow directly from savage passion. Welcome back, Shameless. What an absolutely perfect name for this particular pursuit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Shameless on Showtime

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Emmy Rossum Cleavetastic Angel in Black

Our lovely lean little lady Emmy Awesome has been hitting the Oscar movie circuit of late, decked out in various looks, different shades of hotess, and showing off her fine wares. She was at the You’re Not You movie premiere last night in a form fitting black dress that I’m assuming not just any woman can get away with wearing. But Emmy, oh, yes, she gets away with it.

Once I stopped staring at Emmy’s sweet cleavage I took a moment just to silently thank her for her magnificent work and topless thespianics on Shameless over several seasons now. It’s the kind of thing we gentleman oglers can easily take for granted, but it was so monumental when first she bared her funbags, and remains ever so monumental to this day. Let us not forsake the Rossum ta-ta’s and lithesome body. Ever. Enjoy.

Emmy Rossum Deep Cleavage Awesome At Some Book Event in Hollywood

I don’t know what makeup artist tried to give my belusted Emmy Awesome horrible allergy eyes, but nothing could take away from Emily’s hot looks and plunging neckline boobtastic reveal at some fancy book launch party in Hollywood last night. Shame on anyone who would dare try to distract from Emily’s heaven sent beauty and cleavy reveals, the likes of which have made her a fan favorite her on Ego and around the world indeed. From stage siren to Siren of the Shores in one very quick rise.

Emmy and her petite but spectacular nevertheless top are welcome in my abode any day. In fact, I’ll even offer to re-do her makeup, maybe a little ‘My Heart Belongs to Bill’ message in her eyeliner just so everyone knows deep down how she almost certainly feels about me as well. That sounds kind of stalkery, but when true feelings of passion and horniness are involved, I’d like to think it’s something more special. Enjoy.

Emmy Rossum And Her Booty Went For A Jog

Actress and hot person Emmy Rossum went for a run on the set of Shameless in a pair of short shorts. They are the kind of shorts that were popular in the 70′s when all anyone did was jog and bone. Emmy has a pretty spectacular booty. It’s got just the right combination of curve and slim. Emmy also showed off her toned, flat bare midriff. Who needs that extra torso fabric when you are trying to exercise? Not Emmy. Her top is just a sports bra allowing us just a peek at her dynamite cleavage. I’m going to program my DVR to record this Shameless show so I can see more of Emmy in a sports bra.

I do so love jogging. Not doing it myself, of course, but watching women do it. Sometimes when I am walking in the park here in New York I just stand back and admire all of the bouncing boobies jogging their way around the track.

Emmy Rossum Nipple Pokes In Her Sports Bra

The lovely Emmy Rossum was all nips and midriffs as she left the gym in Beverly Hills. Emmy was sporting a pair of tight workout pants that hugged her lovely curves and displayed her awe-inspiring thigh gap. She was also showing off some fantastic bare midriff. Emmy’s has one of those finely toned stomachs that you hear about but rarely see in your average human. But the real news is up top in her sports bra. Maybe it was cold in the gym or maybe her nips were just in the mood to say hello. Whatever the reason, Emmy’s nippies poked through her sports bra like two shining headlights in a world of darkness. Emmy’s got a pretty spectacular rack to begin with, but a good nipple poke only adds to the wonder that is her boobies.

Some people find nipple pokes embarrassing. Why? I think they should be celebrated. There should be a national holiday celebrating the nipple poke.

Emmy Rossum Awesome Nipple Pokes in Hollywood Stretch Pants Outing

Oh, Emmy Awesome, how I count the moments in between our meetings with such sweet sorry. I’m at infinity and still counting, but I never give up hope that someday you’ll see the light and realize that my insane levels of passion for your sextastic are the highest form of flattery. If only I could actually get paid for that.

I’d like to think that Emmy’s poking headlights in Hollywood over the weekend are a sign that she’s been reading my letters. I actually form them to work on multiple levels, she could just smell them and imbue my intentions. Yes, Emmy, lime green tank top nipple pokes. I am receiving your message loud and clear. Well, I might need to adjust the knobs just a tad. I promise, this won’t hurt. Enjoy.

Emmy Rossum Shows Of Mid-Riff In Workout Clothes

Singer, actress, and hot person Emmy Rossum was spotted in West Hollywood showing off her tight mid-riff. Emmy had been working out and she had tucked her shirt into her sports bra. The result was a full-on display of her lovely stomach. It’s flat, toned, and glorious. Emmy is in phenomenal shape. You can tell because the pants are really tight and you can see the exact outline and dimensions of her booty. You’ve got to be pretty confident in your butt looking good to wear pants this tight. There’s also some pretty extraordinary thigh gap. At first I didn’t get the whole big whoop about thigh gap but I’m starting to come around. Emmy has one of the best I’ve seen in a while. It’s like her thighs are in separate zip codes.

Emmy is genuinely sexy. I even watched that YA fantasy movie Beautiful Creatures just because it had her in it. It was worth the pain.