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The Man of Steel’s Women: A Tribute to Lois Lanes

Behind every good man is a  great woman, or something. Well what if you are a super Man? That’s gotta be a more-than-super woman, right?

No, it’s not Superwoman…or even Wonder Woman, for that matter, it’s just brash big city reporter, Lois Lane. In animated, live-action, and made-for-TV forms, Ms. Lane has romanced the man of steel while also trying to figure out his secret identity. Sure, she’s usually cute and all, but she’s not the best reporter, having never grasped the fact that Clark Kent is just Superman with glasses and a suit. Oops.

Sharp or not, Lois Lane has been played by a fair share of hotties, both past and present. Among them: Teri Hatcher, Christina Hendricks, Stana Katic, Kate Bosworth, and Erica Durance

I Did It All for the Whooty! We Celebrate Pale Celebrities With Bodacious Booties

Our video game editor Aaron doesn’t think there’s such a thing as Whooty — White Booty — or that there is an actual subculture of readers with this particular fetish. Meh, he’s probably right. But given this is a time of gratitude, we’re going to celebrate here on Egotastic! those few and far between women of limited color whose bottoms often make us turn red in the face.

Here’s 10 of our bigger-get badonkadonks. It’s Whooty Time!

Christina Hendricks Cleavetastic Dress Spillage at AFI Screening

The film was called Ginger and Rosa, but given Christina Hendricks boob-spillage reveal at the screening, perhaps it should’ve been called Ginger with Ridiculously Big Funbags because nearly a pound-full of chest puppies came pouring out of Christina’s low-cut dress at the event.

While many have complained that Christina Hendricks might have gotten a little too curvy around her body, unlike Kim Kardashian who sells herself as slim chic model only to balloon out of control, Christina has always been a full-bodied lady teetering on the soft edges of chubbiness. But those boobs, damn, those boobs. Like soft sweet luxurious pillows in a high end hotel that are so comfy, you can forget all about the unclean Dominatrix who employed them brutally on the CEO who stayed in the room just previous to you. Enjoy.

Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, and Sofia Vergara Lead the Hot Cleavage Displays at Primetime Emmy Awards

I’ll say this for non-boob showing television shows, their ladies love to show cleavage during award season for their medium. The million dollar mammaries could not be contained at this weekend’s Primetime Emmy Awards, where scores of hotties came decked out in low cut top, or just looking mighty fine, boob tube fantastics such as Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, Heidi Klum, Padma Lakshmi, January Jones, Sofia Vergara, Alexandra Breckenridge, Hayden Panettiere, Julianne Hough, Julie Bowen, Zooey Deschanel, and Claire Danes.

Yes, it was an evening filled with Hollywood patting itself on the back. But a day today for us to remember the best of Hollywood’s front side. Enjoy.

Egotastic! Sleuths on the Case of the Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn ‘I Deny They’re Me’ Photos


EDITOR’S NOTE: Media elements previously appearing in this news article have been removed at the request of counsel for Olivia Munn.

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Thanks to EgoReaders ‘Craig’ and ‘Dude’ and others who are utilizing their degrees in French literature to comb over the rather graphic data available on the web to try and produce CSI casework on the ‘yep, d’ats definitely her’ side of the argument in regard to the alleged Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks cell phone pictures sweeping the digisphere this week.

Also, from ‘Franz’ check out this Complex magazine photoshoot of Olivia Munn, presumably in her own home, with bathroom tiles that look suspiciously familiar. Oh, how we love a good conspiracy involving hot female fleshy undertones! Enjoy.

Check Out the Exhibit A Olivia Munn Video »

Christina Hendricks Declares Alleged Christina Hendricks Topless Picture Are Not Her Funbags

Alleged Christina Hendricks Topless Photo The Actress Claims Is Not Her
Click to see Uncensored

Part two in today’s adventures of cell phone pictures being denied by Hollywood’s hottest A-list sextastic stars.

Cell phone pictures of boobtastic fantastic ginger hottie Christina Hendricks emerged over the weekend, to which the actress claims that the set is a mixed bag of actually stolen cell phone pictures of her provocatively dressed, but clothed. But she adamantly insists that the topless photo in the set, the jiggly wiggly mountains of funtastic photo, are the flesh puppies of another woman.

Without a head in the photo, it’s an ever inconclusive game, albeit we know what we’d like to believe ourselves. We also know that Christina posing topless could certainly drive her point home, and drive our points to madness. But, as always, we’ll let you decide.

Check out the racy photos Christina Hendricks admits are her at Co-Ed Magazine.

And read more about the Christina Hendricks denial at TMZ.

What a day.

Christina Hendricks Drops Ginger Cleavetastic onto the Pages of Cosmo

We miss Christina Hendricks whenever we don’t see the smoking hot bodacious ginger for more than a couple weeks in a row, and it’s been a spell since we’ve been put under the sextastic spell of this Mad Man mad-hot woman.

Featured in the upcoming edition of Cosmo, the magazine that teaches me the 99 things Men Love (when in reality we know it’s really just maybe two to three, and only one important one), Christina lays a fierce amount of her world-famous cleavage in her photos, such that us ginger-bottle feeders can virtually suckle our life-nourishing visual delights.

She is a giver. Enjoy.