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Angelina Jolie is Still a MILF and Other Things to Ogle

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QUICK HIT: Christina Hendricks Throws Off One Hot Look for Men’s Health

Yeah, it’s airbrushed, but an idealized view of the lust-inducing Christina Hendricks can definitely hit the spot and/or spots. Such a hottie. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Men’s Health

A Tzar is Born

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Sofia Vergara, Kate Winslet, and Minka Kelly Lead Sextastic Stampede at The Emmy Awards

Amid the botox and Guinness Record levels of makeup on display at last night’s celebration of prime time television, amid the pressure of 40 and 50-something women trying to pass for 30, and amid all the sort of thespianics on most definitely awful television programs, there was celebrity sextastic on display at last night’s Emmy Awards. Now, for some reason, long, covering dresses seemed to be in vogue last night on the red carpet, I’m not sure if this is because the vast majority of designers don’t get a reflexive tingle in their jingles every time they see a little hot actress skin like most of us do, or if it’s just some fashion trend that I would never in a million years care to understand, but there was not much in the way of cleavage or sexy leg on the catwalk.

Nevertheless, sexy ladies did abound including the small screen hotties, Sofia Vergara, Dianna Agron, Christina Hendricks, Emily Blunt, Jane Krakowski (flashing some memorable cleave), Heidi Klum, Kate Winslet, Maria Bello, Minka Kelly, Nina Dobrev, Olivia Munn, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes seemed to tag along just because they had extra tickets and some $5,000 gowns hanging in their closet. Enjoy.

Christina Hendricks Brings Out the Big Guns for ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ Premiere

(Editor’s Note: you may notice that the star of the film, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Sarah Jessica Parker, does not actually appear in our post about the hot women at the premiere of the film. Just to be clear, yes, Sarah was present at the premiere. And I think we’ll leave it at that.)

I don’t know how Christina Hendricks keeps those amazing funbags inside her dress top. I don’t know, but I certainly do care, enough to launch a multi-hour investigation of the gravity defying laws surrounding those big balloon tops. Joining the boobtastic fantastic Christina Hendricks in red on the red carpet film premiere were Olivia Munn, having herself quite a day of ogle-worthy moments, and the tomboy-turned-ingenue-turned-girl-I’d-kill-t0-see-nekkid, Emma Roberts, the three lovelies in red making palatable, if not delectable, the showcase around a film that you’d have to threaten to pull my tongue out through my scrote before I relented to watch even the opening credits. (If you’re at this film this weekend and you are not 100% gittin’ some from whoever made take you, you, my friend, need to have a firm conversation with the man in the mirror.) Enjoy.

Hogwarts Hottie

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