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Natalie Portman and Jennifer Aniston Among Who’s Sexiest

Who Magazine in Australia, sort of the People for people down under, has compiled their list of sexiest people, and among other notables are some Egotastic! denizen, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Sofia Vergara, Lara Bingle, Kylie Minogue, and Christina Hendricks. I don’t know what to say to Who except, well, right on. Enjoy.

Is Christina Hendricks Teetering on the Brink of BBW?

The answer to this pop quiz is ‘yes… maybe’. Let’s first agree that Christina Hendricks is super ginger hot. She’s a very sexy lady and a very hot go-to leading lady at the moment. And while I am certainly a proponent of some of Hollywood’s leading ‘rexic actresses eating a sandwich every now and then before the breeze carries them away, there looms ever more the Kirstie Alley kiss of ham-hockness death on the horizon. Oh, how I lusted for Kirstie Alley back in the day, the day before she would sneak down into the basement with a cold leg of lamb and a two-liter Mountain Dew. Christina Hendricks, with her amazing looks and even more fetching fun bags, is teetering on the ledge of fat-assiness. I hope she pulls back. Even if I have to slap that ass to get her attention! Enjoy.

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Jewel Cleavage Edges Out Keri Russell Nipple Poke To Lead Egotastic! Top 10 Hotties at 2010 Emmy Awards

When Gretchen, my six-fingered assistant, awoke me from my Nyquil-induced slumber screaming into the phone about how hot Kate Gosselin looked at the 2010 Emmy Awards, I knew two things: first, I have got to change my cell phone number, and, second, it was going to be a lean year for the sexy at TV’s annual award show. Heck, I don’t know if my top two picks, Jewel and Keri Russell, are even on TV. For all the effed up nonsense of the movie business, the silver screen has a good leg-up on television when it comes to the hottie factor.

Still, there are some amazing looking woman on the boob tube, many of whom made our list of Top 10 Hotties at the 2010 Emmy Awards, in spite of the fact that a whole lot of this year’s small screen ladies sure looked like they were some guy’s third string option to the prom circa 1996. Honestly, a shout-out to the dead singer of Blind Melon would not have surprised me in the least.

Here’s my Top 10 among the pretty lean crop this season, pictured from left to right: Jewel, Keri Russell, Maria Menounos, Olivia Munn, Christina Hendricks, Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara, January Jones, and Brooke Burke.

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Christina Hendricks Cleavage Isn’t Good Enough For This

New rule: Just because you have awesomely enormous breasts, doesn’t mean you can dress like a complete idiot. Especially at an event where the entire purpose is to have your picture taken looking hot. But that’s just what Christina Hendricks did at the Costume Institute Gala last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Sure, we love the awesome Christina Hendricks cleavage, but that doesn’t excuse whatever the hell is going on here. I think she took the “Costume Gala” thing a little too seriously, because she looks like she picked up her dress and makeup at a costume store. Next time, Christina, stick with the cleavage, and leave the high concept stuff at home.

Christina Hendricks is Busting Out on the Cover of Esquire

So, Christina Hendricks is officially the most beautiful woman in the world, or something. At least that’s what the new issue of Esquire magazine is saying. Or maybe just the most beautiful woman in America. But to be honest, I can’t say for certain because every time I look at this picture of Christina Hendricks pulling her top down on the cover of Esquire, I keep waiting for her to pull it down all the way…

Did she do it!? No? What about now!? See my problem? Can’t wait to see what else this photoshoot has in store (Update: 2 more added). Now!?

Bonus – Super sexy Christina Hendricks photos from August 2009 Esquire:

The Oscars Were Shit

Fuck me, this year’s Oscar show was beyond brutal. Besides a few funny jokes from Steve Martin, and Ben Stiller in Avatar makeup, it was a complete and utter waste of fucking time. There weren’t even any sexy dresses on the red carpet, so what we have here is all the hot ladies I could find from all the various Oscar parties going on his weekend, arranged (mostly) in order of cleavage.

Christina Hendricks

Hilary Swank

Miley Cyrus

Anna Kendrick

Tatiana Ali

Diane Kruger

Carey Mulligan

Elizabeth Banks

Natalie Portman

Vanessa Hudgens

Maria Menounos

Kelly Brook

Holy Christina Hendricks Cleavage, Batman!

Okay, so, there’s good news, and bad news. The good news is that we have these amazing, incredible, outstanding Christina Hendricks cleavage pictures from New York magazine. The bad news is that they are really quite small. The pictures, not her breasts. No, Christina Hendricks’ breasts are probably the biggest things I’ve ever seen. And I cannot wait for hi-res versions of these shots to be released, because that will basically mean I can die a happy man.