Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli Foxy as a Superbabe in Fox Clothing

Sometimes, to be considered a great, you need only choose one area of endeavor and dominate that single pursuit. Like, the fastest man in the world. Can he paint amazing watercolor landscapes or does he know  the ever changing rules for home office deductions on the 1099 form? Meh, who cares. He can run the 100-meter dash faster than a cheetah.

Such is the case with Bar Refaeli. For all the years we’ve been tracking Bar now, we really don’t know what else she’s good at besides looking forever model hot. But she is so effin’ good at doing just that. Even when dressed, as she appears in new Fox apparel ads, Bar manages to bring something beyond mere hotness to the visual table, we’re looking at some form of greatness. You know it when you see it, and though I’ve been staring at her for the past four hours, I’ve still not seen it enough. Enjoy.

Bar Refeali Passionata Lingerie Pictures Put the Sextastic Cherries on Top

The idea of Bar Refaeli in my kitchen baking in her underthings is really almost too sweet to fathom. In fact, who even needs the baking and kitchen part; cooking seems so unnecessary and the bedroom does seem like a more optimal showcase for the Israeli model’s hot bodily talents.

Still, when the uber-sextastic Bar is in her bra and panties, as far as I’m concerned, she makes the rules. And if she wants to bake an effin’ pie, she will bake an effin’ pie. And, then, we shall dine on her fruity tart concoction together. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Wants You to Buy Her Underwear for Christmas

Oh, if only the real things were on the market this Yuletide, but then I’m guessing the price for certified-pre-owned Bar Refaeli underthings is a tad bit higher than the twenty spot you plunk down to buy the freshly manufactured brand lingerie bits Bar has put her name on to pimp out to the rest of the world.

And, let’s face it, Bar Refaeli selling underthings is a natural fit. Just take a look at her in these little store catalog inserts and see if you don’t feel like suddenly becoming the biggest holder of cotton this side of the commodities exchange. Enjoy.

Check Out Bar’s Under.Me Christmas Video »

Bar Refaeli Looking Hot for Gavin Bond Photoshoot Dec 2012

Bar Refaeli Stunning Photoshoot in Glamour Spain December 2012

Bar Refaeli vs. Eliza Doolittle in a Battle of the Twitpic Asstastic

Well, we just had to share and compare. The incomparable Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli felt the need herself to flash her ridiculously hot booty, snap it, and exhibit it via Twitter to the rest of the world. And this would have been enough. But pop divette Eliza Doolittle felt the same desire to share her wicked hot body by way of Twitter over the same weekend, and it was quite a visual display. And when we see two such sextastic wonderments, we just have to go to battle.

So whose asstastic reigns supreme?

Bar Refaeli Battles Eliza Doolittle for Supreme Twitpic Asstastic

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Kim Kardashian, Irina Shayk, and Bar Refaeli Lead List of Ogle-Worthy Women at Angel Ball

As usual, there was another elite ball that I have no idea what it’s all about, but I do know that a bunch of hot celebrity chicks showed up all decked out. The Angel Ball in N.Y.C. brought out its fair share of gowned celebrity sextastic including Kim Kardashian, whose professional vagina is set to be engaged to Kanye West any day now, Irina Shayk, who never doesn’t look hot, and Bar Refaeli, flashing some serious model leg.

All in all, it’s what I imagine a fancy ball to be, minus me spiking the punch and ardently trying to grab a girls arse through her poofy gown. Enjoy.