Bar Refaeli Foxy as a Superbabe in Fox Clothing

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bill-swift - January 10, 2013

Sometimes, to be considered a great, you need only choose one area of endeavor and dominate that single pursuit. Like, the fastest man in the world. Can he paint amazing watercolor landscapes or does he know  the ever changing rules for home office deductions on the 1099 form? Meh, who cares. He can run the 100-meter dash faster than a cheetah.

Such is the case with Bar Refaeli. For all the years we've been tracking Bar now, we really don't know what else she's good at besides looking forever model hot. But she is so effin' good at doing just that. Even when dressed, as she appears in new Fox apparel ads, Bar manages to bring something beyond mere hotness to the visual table, we're looking at some form of greatness. You know it when you see it, and though I've been staring at her for the past four hours, I've still not seen it enough. Enjoy.