Ana Braga

Ana Braga Frontrunning with Her Beautiful Backside

I might give Ana Braga a pass for jumping on the Bears bandwagon so quickly after one comeback victory, mostly just because I'm so happy staring at her hot thumper in those tiny shorts as she stretches in the part. I'm not exactly sure how Ana came to be a Bears fan, but being a big Windy City proponent, I would not be too dismayed if Brazilian hotties suddenly started donning skimpy bits of Chicago sports team wear.

Ana has become a staple of bikini body hotness along the beaches, trails, and parks around Miami. Every time she dips her asstastic skyward, the sun and moon have a battle over who can spank her naughty bottom first. I'd like to jump into that celestial fray myself. Ana, whatever you're doing to keep that sextastic body of yours in shape, it's working. Keep up the good work. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Bikini Body to Remember Returns to the Beach

I've come to take a strong liking to Ana Braga in her revealing bikinis. I'd like to think she looks upon me kindly as well. That might be wishful thinking on my part since she's rejected my last seventeen invitations for coffee. Maybe because I keep tagging with 'I percolate best in the bedroom'. You don't know until you try.

Ana and her unusually blond Brazilian bombshell body has become something of a preening fixture this past year in Miami. Every time I see her poking that thong clad booty skyward, I feel a smile coming on. At least, I shall refer to it as a smile when the police question me about the concerned parents seeing my reaction on the beach. There's nothing wrong with a healthy boner. It's really more personal than a Hallmark card and won't cost you $2.95. Ana, we must get together some time and do some bikini shopping. I'll wear my muzzle. Enjoy.

Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti Bikini Hot BFFs Inspire My Beach Dreams

Why ever dream small? Seeing the BFF hotties international style Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti on the beach in their little bikinis barely covering their desperately curvaceous bodies always gets me to thinking about how the three of us could have such fun times locked away in some mountain top chalet or stranded on a desert island or perhaps the first three human to colonize Mars. In any and all instances there's a bear skin rug involved and me applying lots of emollients to the girls skin to keep them moist and soft. Then a bunch of other stuff happens you won't typically read about in your space mission or stranded castaway tales and that I can't repeat here because this is a family oriented site. But, suffice it to say, many laws of civilized society are broken, with abandon.

Another day, another couple of sextastic models flashing their outrageously hot cans on the beach. Sometimes I ask myself how can I be so fortunate to live in such a time and place. Then I get myself a slice of pizza and a cold beer and make it even that much better. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie and Ana Braga Bikini Pictures Go Four Hot Cheeks Wide in Miami

I'm not sure how to feel when I see two of my favorite bikini models from Miami joining asstastic forces on the beach for a bikini booty display of tingly proportions. I'm going to choose thankful, followed by elated, quickly followed by exhausted.

Lisa Opie and Ana Braga got together on the beach in their respective thumper baring thong bottoms to show the world of gentleman oglers the true power of the bare sun-drenched bottom. As if we needed any reminder of such power. Still, like spankings from hot girls in leather dominatrix suits, we can never learn our lesson often enough. I mean, that mine be more of my own personal experience. But Lisa and Ana bikini sextastic, that's a universal appeal. Oh, to have these girls strutting around my own private beach, the sand I truck into my bedroom, that is the dream. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami

Brazilian hottie Ana Braga and her gargantuan boobies spent the afternoon hanging out in Miami Beach. Ana's ta-tas are among the most spectacular I've ever seen and it's my job to look at boobies all day. Her girls are almost busting out of the top. You can see little bits of boobage through the nooks and crevices of the suit. The cleavage in these pics are outstanding. When Ana bends over you can see her boob valley in all its magnificence. But as if that wasn't enough of a treat, the bottoms also show off her incredible booty. It is just plain amazing to look at. If I were a praying man, I would thank whatever power created such an amazing butt for its awesome powers of creation. I guess I could just thank her parents.

Say what you want about Brazilians, no one wears a bikini like them. They just seem to be born genetically predisposed to filling bikinis out better than anyone else on Earth.

Ana Braga See-Through Swimsuit Is Both Genius and Wicked Hot Boobtastic Revealing

Talk about necessity being the mother of invention. I've had a need for some time to see the full bare scope of Ana Braga on the beach in Miami, what with her tiny thong bikini prancing and teasy bikini top changes just off-camera. Now, she's come up with a solution we can both happily live with -- the see-through swimsuit. Genius.

Ana Braga has the body of a blonde Brazilian bombshell and the spirited mind of a very naughty kitty. What a combo. This pink sheer swimsuit doesn't hide very much, but shows off so much of her fine female form. I'm not exactly sure the snowbird seniors will be sporting this swimsuit this summer by the pools in Florida and Arizona, but rest assured, I shall not rest until it's been readily accepted by the sextastic celebrity set for their beach preening time in the sun. Bless you and your faptastic female form, Ana Braga. Enjoy.

Ana Braga String Thong Bikini on the Beach for Brazilian Bombshell Reveals

The Brazilians are representing hard during World Cup season. Both on the soccer fields of Brazil itself, and along the beach in Miami where Ana Braga unveiled one of her finest bikinis yet. And, by finest, I mean skimpiest, barely there and able to cover her bodacious body parts. Well, perhaps just enough from being arrested by Miami Beach police and thrown into the hot girls flashing too much skin pokey. Man, how I'd like to operate the jailhouse.

Ana's bottomside just makes me want to bite into a piece of warm apple pie and sing Brazilian folks songs while imagining mapping her asstastic like a horny Magellan. That bikini really is perfect. A few strings here and there, that's all this fine female form really needs in terms of wardrobe protection. Get thee to a beach! Enjoy.