Ana Braga

Ana Braga String Bikini Goodness Meets Up with Nina Agdal Gym Tights and I Basically Melt

When Ana Braga is showing off on the beach in Miami in her thong and Nina Agdal rolls up to say hello, well, you’re having a good day. We are indeed.

There I was, minding my own business with my telescope trained ever so innocently on the fairest, blondest, Brazilian curvy bikini model ever when along comes Danish Delight Nina Agdal in her gym pants from a spinning class demonstration. Um, yes, this stuff happens in real life as well as the dreams you have at 3am when you just know you’re smiling in your sleep. For me, it was like witnessing the bread ends of my ultimate sandwich. Slather me in mustard and make your filling, ladies. I’m prepared for total consumption. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie, Ana Braga, Alessandra Ambrosio Highlight Hot Girls of Public Yoga Workouts 2014

Yoga’s been a thing for a while now for the good looking ladies among us. But the trend of beach and park yoga and public displays of downward facing dog perfection, that’s an entirely new trend and one we must continue to heavily encourage in the new year.

As for 2014, the yoga exhibitionist market was dominated by the likes of sextastic goodies such as Ana Braga and Lisa Opie and Alessandra Ambrosio who introduced us to the concept of the ancient meditative and muscular arts translated into a modern faptastic setting. Behold some of our favorite yoga poses in public from the past year. See if you don’t feel your chakra swelling with pride. Enjoy.

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Ana Braga Bikini Pictures For Blonde Miami Ambitions

Summer is over. Long live the endless summer of winter in Miami. Yep, it’s about that time while the rest of the Northern climes begin to chill, the beaches in Miami heat up that much more with national, international, and potentially intergalactic sextastic bikini talent, including perennial favorites such as blonde Brazilian Ana Braga and her forever beach preening.

Ana has become a staple of the South Florida shores in her various showy two piece swimsuits, flashing hints of postcard level allure calling like a Siren for men to visit Miami. Oh, to be the grains of sand beneath her body. That might seem weird, but I’m sharing honestly and hope you take that into consideration. I know Ana would. Hello, sweetheart, I’m down here, beneath you, clinging to your oiled up body. That’s the ticket. Enjoy.

Ana Braga And Anais Zanotti Show Off Their Bikini Bodies In Miami

Professional hot people Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti took time off from modelling bikinis to wear them in their spare time. Ana wore a pink bikini that in no way could contain her funbags. They were busting out from the bottom of the bikini top. It’s like they were playing peek-a-boo…sexy peek-a-boo. Anais wore a teeny tiny snakeskin number that showed off her massive assets as well. Then both of the ladies sported small bottoms that gave us a bird’s eye view of their shapely and perfect booties. Both of them have nice round butts that would make any mama proud. But I must say that my favorite is Anais’ caboose. It’s got a nice roundness too it that I like. What I really wish could happen is that you could combine the two girls and create a Voltron of hotness with Ana’s boobs and Anais butt.

Alas, we don’t have the technology to make that happen…yet. Scientists need to prioritize what’s really important.

Ana Braga Bikini Body Sextastic Pinks Out Along the Shore in Miami

When Ana Braga slips into her various sherbet colored bikinis for an extensive round of hot bodied Brazilian blonde goodness on the beach in Miami, I slip into something resembling a catatonic leering state. I really do admire her for so many reasons, most especially those reasons I would grope uncontrollably with my two hands and various other attachments if Ana were simply to give her permission. A simple yes, a node, or something in Brazlian that translates roughly to, fine, I feel so sorry for you, you have three minutes, but no more. I’d take it all.

Ana, whatever your formula for preening posing bikini allure, it’s working. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, you could lose the bikinis altogether, though I do fear for the children of American who will be forever damaged were they to see a human female breast before eighteen. The horror! Ana Braga, the hotness! Enjoy.

Ana Braga Frontrunning with Her Beautiful Backside

I might give Ana Braga a pass for jumping on the Bears bandwagon so quickly after one comeback victory, mostly just because I’m so happy staring at her hot thumper in those tiny shorts as she stretches in the part. I’m not exactly sure how Ana came to be a Bears fan, but being a big Windy City proponent, I would not be too dismayed if Brazilian hotties suddenly started donning skimpy bits of Chicago sports team wear.

Ana has become a staple of bikini body hotness along the beaches, trails, and parks around Miami. Every time she dips her asstastic skyward, the sun and moon have a battle over who can spank her naughty bottom first. I’d like to jump into that celestial fray myself. Ana, whatever you’re doing to keep that sextastic body of yours in shape, it’s working. Keep up the good work. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Bikini Body to Remember Returns to the Beach

I’ve come to take a strong liking to Ana Braga in her revealing bikinis. I’d like to think she looks upon me kindly as well. That might be wishful thinking on my part since she’s rejected my last seventeen invitations for coffee. Maybe because I keep tagging with ‘I percolate best in the bedroom’. You don’t know until you try.

Ana and her unusually blond Brazilian bombshell body has become something of a preening fixture this past year in Miami. Every time I see her poking that thong clad booty skyward, I feel a smile coming on. At least, I shall refer to it as a smile when the police question me about the concerned parents seeing my reaction on the beach. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy boner. It’s really more personal than a Hallmark card and won’t cost you $2.95. Ana, we must get together some time and do some bikini shopping. I’ll wear my muzzle. Enjoy.