Ana Braga

Ana Braga See-Through Swimsuit Is Both Genius and Wicked Hot Boobtastic Revealing

Talk about necessity being the mother of invention. I've had a need for some time to see the full bare scope of Ana Braga on the beach in Miami, what with her tiny thong bikini prancing and teasy bikini top changes just off-camera. Now, she's come up with a solution we can both happily live with -- the see-through swimsuit. Genius.

Ana Braga has the body of a blonde Brazilian bombshell and the spirited mind of a very naughty kitty. What a combo. This pink sheer swimsuit doesn't hide very much, but shows off so much of her fine female form. I'm not exactly sure the snowbird seniors will be sporting this swimsuit this summer by the pools in Florida and Arizona, but rest assured, I shall not rest until it's been readily accepted by the sextastic celebrity set for their beach preening time in the sun. Bless you and your faptastic female form, Ana Braga. Enjoy.

Ana Braga String Thong Bikini on the Beach for Brazilian Bombshell Reveals

The Brazilians are representing hard during World Cup season. Both on the soccer fields of Brazil itself, and along the beach in Miami where Ana Braga unveiled one of her finest bikinis yet. And, by finest, I mean skimpiest, barely there and able to cover her bodacious body parts. Well, perhaps just enough from being arrested by Miami Beach police and thrown into the hot girls flashing too much skin pokey. Man, how I'd like to operate the jailhouse.

Ana's bottomside just makes me want to bite into a piece of warm apple pie and sing Brazilian folks songs while imagining mapping her asstastic like a horny Magellan. That bikini really is perfect. A few strings here and there, that's all this fine female form really needs in terms of wardrobe protection. Get thee to a beach! Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga Park Workout in Bikinis and Booty Shorts (Oh, My)

Sometimes, I wonder if people aren't incepting my mind while I sleep and stealing my dreams for their own real world activities. How else to explain sextastic gal pals Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga working out ever so sweaty and stretchy hot in a park in Miami in tiny bikini tops and even tinier cheeky shorts. I can't begin to tell you the similarities between this scene and a dream I've had recurring since the age of middle school. It's eerie, and so damn hot.

Look somebody has to keep in shape and do the fitness thing and sweat so that the world can be a healthier place. You don't want to see my tired ass out in the park. No, we all nominate Anais and Ana for the representatives of hot touchy feely body workouts. Long may they reign. And bend over. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Have Blue Bikini Will Booty Travel

I always get a little extra excited when Ana Braga takes to the beach in any one of her brightly covered little thongs. The blonde Brazilian bombshell never disappoints in her multi-positioned suntanning poses, including that wicked hot thumper of hers forever making men lose their focus. It really is quite the amusement park attraction and without any of those needless lines standing next to grown men wearing fanny packs.

Ana Braga serves to remind us that the level of sextastic often rises as one approaches the shorelines, a both natural and unnatural phenomenon related to where crazy hot women seem to prefer to spend their days. It's not that being landlocked doesn't offer it's advantages, like not having to worry about those melting polar ice caps and sea levels, it's just the hot lady cheeks seem to be drawn to the intersection of sand and surf. Ana Braga has a few noteworthy intersections of her own. Oh, how that butt just kills me. Enjoy.

Ana Braga and Her Purple Thong Bikini Are a Wonderful Duo

Ana Braga knows how to wear a bikini. Or not wear a bikini. Even with the tiny thong the blonde Brazilian bombshell often wears to the beach in Miami, she seems to feel like it's covering too much. So, often, the top has to come off for a bit, or in this wonderfully exhibitionist bit of thumper-teasing, Ana decided to take down her thong bottoms for a little ride along curvaceous roads. Fortunate for us to share in the experience.

Bodacious and crazy curvy girls in thongs is quite a thing to begin with. You start adding in lots of stretching and lowering of the thongs, and you have an even greater thing. This is called innovation and I like it. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Works Bikini Hard for the Bikini Hottie Body

You want hot bodied fame. Well, right here is where you start paying. Or ogling in the case of the rest of us.

Ana Braga and her killer curvaceous wonderments took to the workout part in Miami where the girls go to show a little bit of what they mostly do in the private gyms to get their bodies in rock soft yet hard shape to look perfect in thongs at the beach. The Brazilian blonde bombshell mixed in a little yoga, preening, stretching, resistance training, and a whole lot of toned body and booty show off to get to just the exact right amount of sweaty goodness.

My heart rate rose right into that intense calorie burning range. I think I lost six pounds and a couple ounces just watching Ana perfect her sweet hot body. I wish she'd workout in my gym. I mean, the twelve year old Bowflex in my basement missing the bows. We'd figure something else out I'm sure. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Wears Barely There Bikini In Miami Beach

Brazilian model Ana Braga took to Miami's beaches in what can only be described as a glorified pink slingshot. Ana is never one to shy away from dressing with as little clothing as is legally possible in a public space. I respect her chutzpah. Because this particular bikini is mostly the idea of a bathing suit rather than an actual garment, it leaves little to the imagination. That's fine with me. My imagination isn't all that great to begin with. I never understood the idea that it is always better to conceal than to reveal. I guess it depends on what is being revealed. I'm not saying Ana should never wear clothes, that would be going too far. What I am saying is that I support her decision to go partly to mostly nude.

We here at Egotastic! are die hard feminists and the last thing we would ever want is to subjugate women. If Ana wants to wear a piece of pink dental floss to the beach it is her right to do so.