Ana Braga Christmas Party At The Pump

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brian-mcgee - December 24, 2018

If there's one woman on planet earth who can get us in the Christmas spirit with little to no effort on her part, it's Ana Braga! This busty beauty is at it again, and she's bringing seasons greetings to the gas pump, the best place to be reminded that there is some sexy left in this world!

Ana can't hide her love for the Chicago Bears or Christmas, with this sexy outfit that seems both incongruous and totally normal for going out to pump gas. I mean, do you put even a moment's thought into what you're going to wear to the gas station? Of course not!

That's what separates Ana Braga from the rest of us mere mortals. She understands that the laws of sexiness mandate a careful outfit selection every time you leave the house. Yes, even if it's just to pump gas. There's a formula at work here that only Ana Braga has access to, apparently.

The great mathematicians of our time couldn't crack a code as sexy as Ana Braga. She's an enigma, never to be cracked or understood, only looked at, marveled at, and admired from afar. Unless you happen to pull up next to her at the pump. Then it's party time!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA