Greer Grammar in some Disney Cosplay

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egoadmin - January 14, 2020

Fraiser’s Kelsey Grammar had a baby back in 1992, and that baby grew up to become Greer Grammar, who went on to compete in beauty pageants, she even won the title of Miss Teen Malibu. After winning a few pageants she went on to star in the MTV show called Awkward and some other small roles in random tv shows, they even had her involved in The O.C Musical..did that ever happen?

In her Instagram bio she describes herself as a Disney Nerd, which is seen here as she dressed up as one of the disney princess’ to visit the park. This is something nerds call Disney Bounding, it's basically where fans dress as Disney characters and spend the day at Disneyland pretending to be their favorite characters. Some people actually find LOVE this way…

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