Ali Larter

Emmanuelle Chriqui, Maria Menounos, and Ali Larter Deliver the Goods on ‘Mormon’ Red Carpet

I’ve kind of been waiting to see Book of Mormon for a while now, we’ve heard nothing but good things about the Broadway show from the South Park creators, and I had tickets for the show this very week, but for my Uncle Salvatore, who isn’t really an uncle at all by any legal definition, shot part of his big toe off with a spear gun in a scuba equipment store and now I need to watch his dogs while he’s in surgery getting his iced digit sewn back on. You’d be surprised how often things like this happen in the family.

But, to live virtually through others, it’s not so bad, especially if those other Book of Mormon attendees are super hotties like Emmanuelle Chriqui, Maria Menounos, and Ali Larter, just three of the sextastic celebrities at the Book of Mormon premiere here in Los Angeles. Now, as much as I think I’d like this stage show, were I sitting betwixt these three ladies in the theater, I have a feeling it’d mostly be yawns and attempts at second base in the darkened theater for me, followed by the inevitable slap, arrest, and restraining orders. I have a box at home just to keep them all organized. Enjoy.

Ali Larter, Innocent, Sweet, So Effin’ Hot In Her Little Skirt

Okay, so sue me (not literally, got enough of those), but I can’t help but feeling a little naughty seeing Ali Larter floating about town as the innocent young mom in her little skirt and outfits, not quite the naughty ways we’d prefer to see her, and not quite whipped-cream on her bodacious ta’s, but, still something secretly alluring about this hot-legged mom.

Somewhere between secretly kinky librarian and naughty school nurse, that’s where my Ali Larter fantasies lie. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Displays Her Legs in a Short Black Jumper

READER FINDS: Kristen Stewart Topless on the Road, Charlize Theron Topless, Candice Swanepoel Topless, and Much Much More…

Charlize Theron Topless in Playboy 1999
Click to see Uncensored

Thank whatever higher power you believe in that we’ve reached the end of this week. What a mother-bleeping turn of the screw this one was what with the holiday weekend and having to be in court to battle charges of… well, nevermind, that’s kind of personal. The point is, what of my personal soothing balms is the application of celebrity flesh, the pot of stone sextastic soup assembled by all of you, for all of us, to come together as on. Yep, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlize Theron topless in her classic bunny shoot, Candice Swanepoel flashing her tube tops in another classic magazine pictorial, Brooke Hogan covered topless, Lucy Pinder deliciously topless, Kristen Stewart topless in On The Road and some sweet sideboob from the Cosmopolis movie premiere, Ali Larter nipple pokes, Virgina Efira covered topless, Ricki-Lee Coulter covered topless, Russian pole-vaulter Darya Klishina, and three super curvy girls deliciously nekkid in Vogue France. Enjoy.

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A Little Ali Larter Leg Flash in N.Y.C., Cause We Miss Her So

Somewhat sadly for us, Ali Larter has been going through the post-baby Hollywood celebrity phases rather rapidly, which means she moved quickly past ‘Hey, check out my body, I lost all the baby weight fast’ phase and into the more reticent Jennifer Garner ‘I’m a mom now I need to dress and act more appropriately’ stage. Which is too bad, because, for a couple weeks there we had some quite nice MILFtastic moments.

So now we’re at the stage when we’re just plain missing anything Ali Larter, we do so dig the blonde. So when she flashes a little, it’s a little skin for us to hold on to, and we’re going to hold onto it like our life depends upon it, because I think it actually might. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Steps Out in a Short Flirty Dress in New York

Ali Larter Puts On the Hot Red Dress for the GLAAD Awards

A bunch of sextastic celebrities came out last night to celebrate the GLAAD media awards where a bunch of good people were honored for doing a bunch of good things but mostly all I could think about after seeing Ali Larter in her little red dress at the event was getting Ali Larter out of her little red dress behind the event.

It’s nice to see Ali Larter out and showing off again. After her baby last year, she went through that initial new MILF euphoria when she had her milkers flying back and forth like udderly dangerous weapons, followed by the inevitable calls from mom and friends to cover up her nurturing tubes in public, the hiding of the engorged melons, followed finally, now, by the desire to fit into the old dresses. And good dresses they were, even hotter now on Mommy Larter.

Girl, put your red dress on, then, please, take if off, slowly. Enjoy.