Ali Larter

Game, Set, Match: Ali Larter Dares You Not To Stare on the Tennis Court

The royal sport of tennis just got a bit more regal with the return of the freshly MILFtastic Ali Larter to the courts. The blonde and sexy and robustly ripe former Heroes star seems to be getting back into the swing of things, not to mention offering up major ogling opportunities, buy donning the little tennis outfit and forcing gentleman everywhere into some major forehand volleys. 40-Lust by my reckoning. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Flashes The MILFtastic Pokies in L.A.

When it gets really quiet, I can hear Ali Larter's milkers talking to me. I mean, no, we don't have conversations about the ballgame last night, or politics, we never talk politics, but, those wonderfully grown puppies do whisper some pretty naughty things to me late into the evening, things I can't repeat because of the children.

Ali Larter dashed from the salon with headlights on full yesterday, barely time to dry her hair, let alone cover up her udderly leer-worthy top. I'll make note of this high note when next I hear from Ali's melons, and encourage much more of this free-boobing behavior. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Lusters Warning: Butt Cheek Flash!

You know what's wonderful? The return of Ali Larter to the flitting about town in little outfits game just in time for the hot days of summer. Bingo, bango, bongo --  butt cheek flash snapped by our telescopic snappers as the forever Varsity Blues whipped cream girl did a little more running and prancing and bending over around town in a short summer dress. It's like magic wrapped in sunshine contained inside a box of awesome. Mmm, Larter flesh.

Ali Larter at a Cocktail EventAnd, just because we couldn't help but notice how hot Ali looked flashing her seat cushion during the day, we added some pictures of her from later in the evening at a cocktail party in Malibu where the blond MILF looked all kinds of simply hot and sexy in jeans and a low-cut top. Talk about climbing the ladder of the sextastic three rungs at a time. Ali Larter, you are going to injure some men today. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Bouncy Bikini-Top Run Makes My Heart Skip a Beat

The lust of all things Ali Larter is not just a part time job, it's 24x7, and it often gets physical, such as tracking the blonde MILF racing about the streets as her entire boobtastic gazelle like body flexes and pronates for maximum oglability. The former Heroes co-star and all around sexy-blonde delight sent male gonadal regions a flaring over the weekend as she dashed through a parking lot in a bikini coverup that loosened itself quite nicely during her dash. All of which just served to remind me of #4 on my list of Things I'd Sell My Soul to See -- Ali Larter bouncing on a trampoline. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Throws Her Hotness in the Ring for MILF of the Year Awards

Ali Larter is back, post-natal, and ready to compete for pure hotness awards, with the swollen mama mammaries already adding a heaping handful to her naturally buxom state, her natural good looks, and legs 'coming back nicely, yep, we have ourselves a contender. Not sure about that upskirt-preventing dress she's wearing, but, fashion faux-pas aside, Ali Larter is a sextastic MILF and she's game. Enjoy.

Ali Larter New Mom Boobs Are My New Heroes

The Year of the MILF just keeps geting better and better. And, by better and better, I mean, bigger and bigger, especially up top. As a much intended consequence of the fertility parade taking place in fecund Tinsel Town in 2011, big bold mammaries are everywhere you look, well, everywhere you look if you carry bird watching binoculars like I do and pretend to be pushing a hot dog cart around the city. Ali Larter and her new mama melons certainly qualifies in this blessed boobtastic new category; and while we'd obviously love to see much much more of those properly-proportioned puppies, this little, or big, tease will have to suffice for now. Enjoy.

Ali Larter Post-Baby Boobtastic: We’re Gonna Need More Whipped Cream

Ali Larter looking good, and, well, bigger. Ali's new hush puppies have gotten a whole lot more hushable since the baby; and, well, I can't stop ogling my favorite Hero. I guess it's kind of wrong to leer at a woman's milkers, though I certainly have become quite adept at doing so without being too obvious (outside of the three or four completely misunderstood mall cop detainments), but there's something to be said for the sheer gravitational force that draws men's eyes toward large, bouncing objects; the laws of physics simply can't be superseded by the laws of man. Keep 'em coming, Ali. We'll keep watching. Enjoy.