Candice Swanepoel, Ana Beatriz Barros, and Behati Prinsloo Form Super Angel Bikini Posse for Michael Bay’s Victoria’s Secret Photoshoot

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bill-swift - February 18, 2012

UPDATE:Thanks to all of you who noted that who our paparazzi noted as Ana Beatriz Barros in these photos is actually Dutch hottie model, Bregje Heinen. Something is going on with our snappers down in Miami this past week; could be sunspots, or more likely, weed and Cuba Libres, but we're working out the mis-namings. We are, after all, men of science.

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Yes, it's good to be Michael Bay. Beyond all the obvious reasons why, the Transformers director is spending this week in Miami conducting a Victoria's Secret model shoot with some of the world's hottest women in skimpy bikinis. We could say we're not exactly sure why Michael Bay is involved in this project, but we think we have an idea.

So line up some of the most sextastic angels, Candice Swanepoel, Ana Beatriz Barros, and Behati Prinsloo, dress them in barely there bikinis, have them strut about in the Miami sun, and I'm not exactly sure what kind of directing you need, I mean, besides somebody who can actually kick the camera man in the hind to keep snapping away. Oh, I think I know what I'm coming back as in my next life. Or, should I say, who. Enjoy.