Calvin Harris’s New Girlfriend Tinashe Leggy Video Shoot

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michael-garcia - July 23, 2016

Calvin Harris' new girlfriend singer Tinashe had an eye-poppingly sexy video shoot on the beach. Tinashe has got some truly spectacular funbags and they are prominently featured in this music video. I don't know about the song but the cleavage is definitely singing to me. It's saying, "Come here...put your face in between my jugs...now shake your face back and forth...", etc. But the real stars of this video are Tinashe's legs. They are long and sultry and in the foreground of every shot. That means the director wants to accentuate them. They are probably often in better focus. That's an old camera trick to make the subject's face look a little soft for effect's sake. Yeah, I went to film school.

How is this Calvin Harris guy get so lucky? Besides the fact that he's handsome, rich, and famous, what does he have that you and I don't? Money isn't everything. Right? Right?


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews