Blonde Beauty Tilly Keeper On The Red Carpet

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aldo-vallon - March 23, 2018

Tilly Keeper may only be nineteen, but she has the ass of a woman who has been doing squats for 25 years. No homo, but there are professional runningbacks who do not have butts that are as fortified as the rump that Tilly is packing. That is not something that should be glossed over. Those dudes are on all sorts of drugs in order to maintain that sort of mass, but Tilly still looks fairly normal in all other areas so I do not think that could be the cause. I suppose the one thing they have in common is that they have men chasing after them for long stretches of time.

But really, how can this fine specimen only be nineteen? She is already successful. I tell ya, leave it to actors to make everyone else feel like underachievers. But it really was not an even playing field. My mother would not have let me take off school to go to auditions. She actually cared about my future. She wanted to ensure that I would have a lower middle class existence, and in ten years I might just get there. But what will Tilly have? She’ll probably be a washed up actress that I can feel sorry for, if I have any luck.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Pacific Coast News