Ashley Tisdale is Flirting with a Blow Up Toy!

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Echo Lawrence - May 1, 2020

Ashley Tisdale is hilarious and she’s been playing up her comedic side on TikTok in-between producing fun dance videos in her bikinis. Her newest video shows her using a soundbyte from the Miranda Cosgrove song “Kissin U” which I can assume none of us have ever heard, but correct me if I’m wrong. Ashley lip syncs the song in a flirty pose and then turns to her quarantine companion, a blow up lama.

Ashley blew up after High School Musical but she also played an iconic character named SHARPAY on the Disney show The Suite Life with Zack & Cody, which I totally forgot about until now! Anyway obviously she made enough money to buy what looks like a pretty dope spanish style house and is having fun with her blow up companion alone, she's said they have "a connection like no other". I’m into the Ashley Tisdale TikTok life.