Ariel Winter’s Birthday Cleavage

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egoadmin - January 31, 2020

I don't find very appealing. I think she's very unattractive but I know that a lot of people out there watched her grow up and actually feel some connection to her. I know that they find her breasts that she's had reduced at least once something worth staring at. I know that when she was overweight everyone felt for her. Then she lost all the weight from changing her anti-depressants the people were excited for the "new her". She has definitely had a crazy upbringing as a child star, put into the industry, living a weird childhood. She's apparently estranged from her mom and there's just so much baggage there. So you need to have some empathy for her. Or at least try.

She turned 22 the other day and her boobs were out, because like Ariel Winter they are survivors. You can't cut them off and keep them down.

I assume this is her celebrating with her boyfriend Luke Benward, who is an actor from the netflix show Dumplin' and a bunch of other crap you can google.

So here's some birthday action, she's only 22. So maybe there's a lot more of her to be seen. Only time will tell. Oh to be young.

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