Hailey Bieber Goes Glamping!

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Echo Lawrence - June 8, 2020

Hailey and her husband Justin Bieber have been heavy on the BLM movement and have been active in sharing their opinions over social media, we haven’t seen them out protesting with Madison Beer, Justin’s protégé. That’s because the couple have been glamping out in Utah, and by glamping I mean it.

They’re sleeping under the stars, technically, although they are doing it in a million dollar RV. The home on wheels apparently has heated floors, an infrared sauna, a fireplace and a BBQ. Which doesn’t sound like it’s worth a million dollars but wait until you see the inside!

When they aren’t hanging out in their RV they are out taking part in typical camping activities like hiking and swimming in a local creek. Check out the photos of Hailey taking a dip and the magical RV below!