Eugenie Bouchard Horseback Riding!

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Tex Hollywood - July 24, 2020

Eugenie Bouchard is one of Tennis' hottest and I realize we're doing this whole EGOTASTICSPORTS site that should have DIBS on all things hot pro athlete, but sometimes we can have some cross-over, right?

I mean women's tennis is more than just a sport, sure it requires fitness and athletic prowess. It probably requires a lot of money to get to that level of athleticism and performance in the sport, so it's for the rich and luxurious, but it's one of the hottest sports to watch. From the outfits to the sounds, it's an erotic experience and this one's one of the stars!

She's out here Horseback riding in what looks like her "Home and Native Land" of Canada, but more importantly, she's in a white, tight top and it's unfortunate it's not in video, because I know you'd all be down to see her know showing us what she's got!

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