Whitney Port Bending Over, So Close, So Very Very Close

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bill-swift - February 1, 2011

We don't really post Whitney Port all that often. She's kind of cute and she's got a lanky model body and she can drive one million women to buy a handbag or pair of shoes with just the wink of a tweet, but, still, not really clear why she's famous, no sex tape (yet), and almost impossible to get decent skin shots of the rather conservative in appearance fashion plate. Thus, when the paps moved in for the kill on Whitney Port, bent over, in a loose top, no bra, picking up a heavy box, well, Egotastic! went to Defcon Two, in hopes of finally seeing her pair of peaches. But, alas, it was so close, so very very close, but no cigar, or peaches. Still, a nice view of the future promise down the top of a braless Whitney Port, well, it's some kind of promise for a Monday morning. Enjoy.

Updated to Add: Thanks to Egotastic! reader 'Jason S.' for supplying a most excellent update on the down blouse of Whitney Port. Sadly, the lack of the nippletastic now seems related to the presence of a skin-colored bra. Very deceptive, Ms. Port. But not unexpected.

Photo credit: Splash News