Vanessa Hudgens Gets Tatted!

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Echo Lawrence - November 16, 2020

Vanessa Hudgens recently wrapped filming her new movie Tick, Tick...Boom in New York City which meant she was away from her BFF, GG Magree. Up until this weekend when GG flew her ass from LA to spend time celebrating with Vanessa. The pair rode citi bikes through the streets, Vanessa went raw dog on those handlebars and didn't wear gloves but we'll assume she washed her hands before they sat down for an Oyster lunch.

To commemorate the trip Vanessa and GG went over to the famous bangbang tattoo parlour and had work done by Mr. K. Vanessa's new tattoo is written across her shoulder and reads "Cages on Wings" while GG went with PSYCHO on her hand with a spider web above it. It's fun to see these two twinning together again, leaving their bras back in LA.