That’s a Wrap for Vanessa Hudgens!

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Echo Lawrence - November 13, 2020

Vanessa Hudgens has been living in New York for the past few weeks while she films the movie Tick, Tick...Boom! Which is based on the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, the guy who write RENT. Vanessa is playing the role of Karessa and has officially wrapped filming this week.

To celebrate wrapping the upcoming film, Vanessa went out and got her haircut into a new bob style and began filming her virtual press tour for her second instalment of The The Princess Switch. The one where she plays her own twin and now, her own triplet. The new movie is out November 19th, if you're looking forward to hearing Vanessa talk to herself in a British accent for over an hour!

In other Vanessa news, it was just announced that MTV will be changing the format of their Movie & TV Awards this year and going with a "Greatest of All Time" show which will be hosted by our girl!