Vanessa Hudgens Bare-Midriff Causes Motor Vehicles to Collide

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bill-swift - September 3, 2010

Kenny, the ageless street grifter who protects my parked car from overnight 'accidents' tells me he once dropped a 16-oz cup of scalding hot coffee on his family jewels when Heather Locklear walked by him in a see-through top back in 1989. Just for future reference, don't give Kenny a look of disbelief when he makes such a claim or he will show you the proof. Fast forward to 2010 and Vanessa Hudgens hotness passing through a drug store parking lot and a couple dudes in their vehicles checking out her sexy bare midsection and... crash. Oh, we can call them idiots, but we've all been there. Me, you, Kenny. Ogling is not a sport without injuries. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame