Kelly Brook Gets Cheeky!

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Tex Hollywood - June 5, 2020

Kelly Brook may not be the Glamour Model she once was, but about 20 years ago, the world was introduced to her and fell in love with her, or at least parts of her, you objectifying misogynistic jerks!

I don't blame you, it was just the era we lived in, where we didn't need to pretend nude or topless modelling was art, or high concept, or empowerment, but instead could apreciate it without a political agenda.

She was a huge part of the classic UK Glamour model scene, made a fortune doing it because there was a time when newspapers in the UK had Page 3 girls, and those Page 3 girls, would get famous, and the Lad Mags would add them to their roster of talent and do consistent shoots with them, only for it to lose out to instagram models.

I remember those days and I remember Kelly Brook, who must be around 40 now, but still willing to be cheeky and fun in her shorts on her walk. You can take the girl out of the Lad Mags, but you can't take the Lad Mags out of the girl. I am not sure what that means, so I won't be trademarking it any time soon, but I am sure it means something.

Scroll the pics to see how cheeky she gets...

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