Three Vital Metal Gear-isms Being Hit Hard by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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chris-littlechild - July 19, 2012

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, intriguing spin-off from the seminal stealth ‘em up series, is very much its own beast. With nary a cursory katana-flail at its illustrious past, it is poised to plow its own visceral furrow; planting a great swathe of bloody meat-lumps and the pulverized ‘nads of numerous enemies in the process. Discounting the alarming concept of testicle trees bursting forth from the soil, it is plain that Revengeance is among the most anticipated action titles of the foreseeable future. Even so, the implications for gamers remain clouded by an insidious miasma of justwhat the shit does this mean for fans?

The meticulously refined third-person melee combat has been much ballyhooed. As a deft paradigm shift from the wanton gunplay elsewhere, the anomaly is sure to be appealing for genre aficionados. (As Sigmund Freud was -not- heard to remark: "Guns are balls. Get a giant fluorescent penis for a weapon, andcleft puny mortals and cars alike in twain with it.Grow a terrible beard also, and the pinnacle of manly zen shall be yours. Trust me,I'm Goddamn Freud, I KNOWthis phallic shit.") While this may serve to raise the Metal Gear profile to yet loftier heights, will a change of style follow, á la Resident Evil? Unlikely as this is, hit the gallery above for a look at the inherent franchise elements we can't afford to lose.