The Predator Will Hit ‘Mortal Kombat X’ So Soon You Ain’t Even Got Time to Bleed

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chris-littlechild - July 4, 2015

There were any number of Predator-related mocktastic references I could've worked into the title there. That one seems a little feeble, frankly, but I've made my choice and I'm sticking with it.

Anywho, yes. As Mortal Kombat aficionados will know, Arnold Schwarzenegger's most badass enemy (that reindeer he punched in the face in holiday ballache Jingle All The Way notwithstanding) is the latest movie icon set to make a Mortal Kombat cameo. First Freddy, then Jason, now this angry bugger.

We've previously seen a little gameplay and a fatality, just to get the hype train rolling. Yesterday, we finally got the release date we've wanted. As IGN reports, owners of the Kombat Pack can get their Predator on from July 7. As for the rest of us mere mortals? The character will be available to buy individually from the 14th.

Generally, shoehorning big ol' characters like these into video games is a horrible idea. Probably because it brings up long-repressed memories of horrible licensed games like Superman 64. But here, it works. If these psychopathic scrote-slashers could ever have a natural world in games, it's the MKverse.

And now, there's this:

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