Vanessa Hudgens is a CyberGoth!

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Echo Lawrence - October 21, 2020

Halloween lover Vanessa Hudgens has a new hobby. She bought something called a GloFX Space Whip, its about 6 feet of fibre optic strings that light up while the actress uses it as a dance instrument in what people call "flow art". Vanessa looks like she belongs under that bridge with all the other Cyber Goths but due to social distancing she's stuck doing this in her kitchen. That was a compliment.

Vanessa is been back to work this week, she was seen filming a new movie called Tick, Tick...Boom! Which is based on the autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson, the dude who wrote RENT. Vanessa will play the role of Karessa and the project is being directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, of HAMILTON fame!