Rita Ora the Artist!

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Echo Lawrence - April 13, 2020

Rita Ora is an inspiration, she’s not only a huge pop star but since she’s been in self isolation she’s discovered her other talent, painting. I don’t know where she lives but it looks like a pretty dope isolated spot in the country surrounded by big trees, so she’s lucky she’s not stuck inside 24/7 like a lot of people right now.

Rita put on her tight black yoga shorts and a sheer purple top to lay out on a blanket and paint her yard. She asked her followers what they did this weekend and while some chimed in with things like “I spent the day gardening” others said what we are all thinking: “REMOVE THE FLOWERS”

“Yesterday I sat in the garden and drew a tree and got paint on my face. For the ones who are fortunate enough to really reflect what did you do? happy Friday! #stayhome #activitiesfromhome”

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