Lorena Bueri Tanlines And Face Paint And No Clothes Equals Sexy Brazil


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We haven’t seen hide or hair or hairless hide of Brazilian exotic model Lorena Bueri in some time now. It’s been a sad time really, but I’m a crying on the inside kind of clown, so you wouldn’t know it from my stoic visage. But now Lorena and her sultry hotness are back and completely unclad for Sexy Magazine in Brazil. It just doesn’t get any more on point than that periodical name right there.

As it the birthright of all crazy alluring Brazilian ladies, Lorena is shot nekkid out in the rain forest type setting, showing off the looks of a woman who drove a whole continent to move to another whole continent because they found their women so damn tantalizing. At least, that’s my understanding of history, the parts I stayed awake for in school. I surely would travel the globe for a woman such as Lorena. Hopefully she wouldn’t be too many paces ahead of me. I’ve already memorized her entire nekkid female form. She shan’t get far. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sexy Brazil Magazine

Fiery Red Head Paulina Murchie Strips Topless On A Sunny Afternoon

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If you happen to love hot topless Cannuckian models, then prepare to feel the thrill of Paulina Murchie finding little need for clothing on a sunny afternoon in her abode. Look, many of us choose to go without many clothes when home alone, but 99% of us aren’t deserving of a pictorial in such states, thankfully, we allow the professional photographers and magazines to help funnel down to just the sextastic. Like Paulina, who seems like the kind of woman you might want to find stripping in your own apartment if you happened to have rubbed a genie lamp recently.

Featured in C-Heads magazine, Paulina shows exactly why an alluring woman with a slender perfect body doesn’t need lots of staging or styling or production sets. Just a couple long distant stares and one very lucky couch or chair and you are good to go. Everyday I fall in lust What a wonderful experience to come under the spell of Paulina Murchie this sunny day. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cameron Davis For C-Heads

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Naked News Is Full Frontal at the Movies With a Free 7-Day Trial!



The only thing better than free is nekkid women. Let’s face it. The odds of those two both happening at the same time, well… today, one-hundred percent. To celebrate the vernal equinox, whatever that is, our friends at Naked News are offering a 7-Day Free Trial to Naked News to try out their super fine content service, second only perhaps to NFL football, if it were played by hot nekkid girls as well.

Watch the Naked News Movie Report for Free (Warning, NSFW, So, Yeah, Hot)

What will you see on Naked News. Well, lovely lasses such as Madison full frontal unclad and delivering the day’s latest entertainment news and movie reports for one. I don’t know where you get your movie news from, but if it’s not a wicked hot nekkid young woman, you need to ask yourself an important question, why the heck not?

All the news that’s fit to fap. You really must check out Naked News. It’s Free for One Week, don’t you know. Enjoy.

Zoe Kravitz Topless Sex Scene In The Road Within


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Zoe Kravitz topless thespianics? Oh happy days indeed. The second generation Hollywood celebrity flashes her yums yums in The Road Within. The film was shown last year at festivals but nobody told me, which means my network of spies is slipping. I probably need to buy me a new network of spies. But now the film is coming out next month in limited theatrical release and we just had to share the peepiest of sneak teats. Not to mention some fine work by Zoe.

There’s nothing more valuable than an actress with a fine body who takes on the challenging independent movie roles. Somebody has to take on the parts most other dramatic arts graduates won’t do, especially when it involves actually flashing their fun parts. Bless you, Zoe Kravitz. You are brave. We are horny. This makes for a more perfect union. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “The Road Within” Amasia Entertainment

Tatiana Eriksen Topless Latina in Leather Pimping the Agua

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I’m not sure what these bottled water folks are really up to, I just know I support it when they bring out hot models and get them undressed to sell. Especially saucy Latina hotties like Tatiana Eriksen who I suppose maybe knows that wearing a leather jacket unzipped and nothing else is going to expose your en fuego funbags to the rest of the world. Though it definitely is working. I do feel rather parched.

It’s amazing to realize that three, four, sometimes five days a week these water pimpers are bringing girls out to the beach or nearby areas and filming them half-nekkid for purposes not entirely clear. It’s like some kind of New Deal works program that even the most strident free marketer could agree was for the benefit of all. I imagine this is how people who love to shop must feel when they change the display windows in stores along Fifth Avenue. Hot models baring their bodies is my Fifth Avenue. There’s no reason we can’t share. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Heather Carr Topless On the Rocks, Oh What a Cocktail

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I love it when a SoCal model and a beach come together in a way that can only happen with a camera and a lack of clothes. I’m not sure how comfortable it is to lay nekkid on the rocky shoreline, I’ve only ever done it a few times while inebriated and completely unintentional. But I’ll assume it hurts. Thereby, I applaud Heather Carr and her willingness to suffer a tad for this blessedly hot bit of female form exhibition in Yume magazine.

Heather reminds us that mermaids once lived among us, coming on shore to romance gentleman and draw them out to sea. I’m pretty sure that happened. Knowing myself as I do, I’m quite sure I’d have been one to wade into the waters over my head in pursuit of a fine nekkid lady sea maiden. It’s not passion if you’re not willing to lose oxygen over it. Heather, job well done. Kudos all around. If I had a noisemaker, I’d blow it now. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Andrew Slough For Yume Magazine

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Kerrie McMahon Nip Slip For A Happy St. Patricks Day!

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Today is St. Patrick’s Day and Kerrie McMahon showed off her Irish pride in a cut-off shamrock shirt. But because St. Patty wants us to really enjoy this day, Kerrie had a bit of a nip slip. Those pink Celtic nips look incredible. A pair of boobies like that is more rare than a four leaf clover. People claim to be Irish when they really aren’t. But Kerrie is the real deal and shows how magical a hot Irish girl can be. These pale beauties drive a man crazy. Maybe it’s all the potatoes and whiskey that makes them so hot. I’m not sure. What I do know is that most of the stumbling drunks on the streets of New York and Boston today are not as sexy as Kerrie.

Oh, Saint Pat, thanks again for making her shirt creep up. You are the most awesome of saints.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet