Laura Queen Topless Boudoir Ginger Goodness for Purple

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I must admit to not being super familiar with model Laura Queen. Which humbles me severely since she is not only ginger and topless, she’s rather ravishing in this Darren Ankerman shoot for Purple Diary. I do have a rather elaborate universal radar system that is supposed to alert me any time a red headed hottie removes her top. I paid good money for that system. Well, okay, I leased it and never returned it and they forgot to keep billing me, still, much like my cable, I still expect it to work without problems.

Seeing ginger topped skin-revealing sextastic ladies helps to remind me of the spiritual nature of existence. Surely this type of goodness wasn’t randomly composed. No, there’s a something somewhere that digs hot gingers too. We are not alone. Of course, that means more competition. Bring it on. Well done, Laura. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Darren Ankerman for Purple Diary

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Caitlin Stasey Topless For Herself, Ourself, Yourself

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You know I love the feminist magazines because I am one of the last true feminists on this planet. Me and Sally Struthers and maybe one of the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders and that’s about it. So when Herself magazine, one of the leading publications just for the ladies comes out with Aussie hottie thespianic Caitlin Stasey in the flesh, well, one, I know (1) it wasn’t meant for me, (2) I could care less about that first part. Caitlin Stasey is hot and isn’t wearing any clothes.

I learned a long time ago from my maternal grandfather not to look a gift horse in the mouth. He once punched me so hard in the shoulder it nearly separated, he was drunk, then he said, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I didn’t learn what it meant until many years later. And I could never throw a spiral after that. But I’ll take it as an invaluable lesson, finally made whole perhaps by the faptastic funbags of Caitlin Stasey.

Photo Credit: Herself Magazine

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Allison Williams Booty Snarfled, Ivana Milicevic Topless, and Minka Kelly Teasy Time in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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It’s January and that means just one thing. The premium cable shows are back. Starting this week with Girls, wherein Allison Williams get quite a talking to directly into her bare booty by her boyfriend, Lena Dunham naturally makes an appearance under a man, Banshee, where the vastly underrated Ivana Milicevic starts off season the third with a swell making of the sexy, and a movie direct to Amazon called The World Made Straight featuring Minka Kelly in about as few clothes and undercrackers as she will ever allow. I threw that in for good measure because I care. You’re some of my favorite people.

Check out this week’s Boob Tube Roundup for the skin-filled delights of what’s on the small screen by way of big tubes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Girls/Banshee/TheWorldMadeStraight

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Katherine Waterston Topless in The Babysitters (By Popular Demand, Now Simmer Down)

Katherine Waterston Topless In The Babysitters
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The minute we posted those amazing wonderful and all around delicious shots of thespianic Katherine Waterston from the current flick Inherent Vice, I was besieged, as in, under attack by way of beeps on my Hello Kitty edition Sidekick with word of Katherine’s earlier topless work some years ago (2007) in The Babysitters. Now, I’ve never seen that film before, which is odd, since I have all my movie services queues keyed to the words ‘babysitters’ or ‘school girls’ or ‘naughty Slovakian ladies’. But somehow I missed it.

I have heard your cries, vox populi. I hereby release my debt of honor with these superb peek-backs at the girl next door hot Katherine Waterston removing her top and flashing her epic funbags as all good babysitters should. Presuming they want to come back and pretend babysit for my fake kids which I always tell them are out with their mother. That buys me 45 minutes before the angry phone calls to dad to be picked up. Oh, what fun mischief we have. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Babysitters

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Raffaella Modugno Topless Bikini Coffee Drinking On Her Balcony

Raffaella Modugno Drinks Coffee Topless On Her Balcony In Miami
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Hey, I know that balcony. It’s the one in Miami where all the girls hang out on thinking cameras can’t possibly catch them being half nekkid from all of five hundred feet away. I love that balcony. As I do lust Italian model Raffaella Modugno who seems to be everywhere these days, and typically not wearing many clothes.

I happen to root hard for a woman with an outrageously hot body who prefers to take her morning coffee topless in the fresh air. What’s not to root for? Breakfast really is the most important ogling meal of the day. And leer we shall, at the stellar funbags on this beautiy from The Boot. All hail, Miami. It’s like the modern day bazaar of the sextastic. Every corner holds something magical. Every balcony, well, even more magic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash
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Katherine Waterston Topless, Juno Temple Topless, And More in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr Skin One Minute Movie RoundUp
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Well, shiver me timbers. Oh, man my timbers could use some shivering right about now. This week’s Mr. Skin Minute is really chocked full of so much sweet celebrity skin, I almost want to write a poem or clean my kitchen tile grout of something monumental like that. If you have any reason to be in this weekend, say, it’s 20 degree and hail the size of Channing Tatums forehead outside, you can rest easy indoors with a fun-filled funbag forecast for the skinematic fare out now courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the newly famous Katherine Waterston topless in Inherent Vice now out in theaters, Juno Temple quite topless and making the sexy in Horn out on Blu-Ray, and Jessica Parker Kennedy and her fellow pirate mates flashing full bodied nekkid goodness in Black Sails, Season 1, now also out on BLu-Ray. This is some of the finest Tinseltown flesh we’ve seen in some time. As always, do your best and be sure to lubricate. Enjoy.

(And naturally do be sure to get your Ego discounted membership to for all your skinematic fineries and libraries.)

Photo Credit: Mr Skin

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READER FINDS: Denise Richard Wicked Hot, Penelope Cruz Wicked Topless, Raffaella Modugno Wicked Nekkid, And Much Much More…


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And, we are back. We took a little reader mailbag break over the holidays due to the timing of the festivities, not to mention my new Guinness Book of World Records, um, record for spiked eggnog consumption. I wouldn’t recommend the challenge for the feint of heart or those who share lavatory facilities with other unfortunate souls in their abode. At some point, it becomes an entirely private matter. Nevertheless, the velveteen mail bag remained closed until this moment each week when we unveil several of our faithful viewers most poignant prurient contributions. A litte big of skin filled tricks we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Danielle Panabaker hot bosom (thank you to EgoReader ‘Kid’), model Alana Marie flashing her teats for Treats (kudos to ‘Eric C.’), Anais Pouliot and her French model friends topless (provided lovingly by ‘Devon’), Denise Richards in her iconic Andrew MacPherson tank top shoot (ever so so hot via ‘Denis’), Diane Franklin topless in the vastly underrated Last American Virgin (80’s throwback via ‘Ellen’), Russian born hottie blonde topless babe Elis Len (thank you kindly to ‘David M.), the gorgeous Emma Glover giving a New Year’s ta-ta’ salute (oh, me so happy thanks to ‘Evan’), Gina Carano outrageously sweaty hot for GQ (lust lust lust made possible by ‘Adrian’), Jessica Alba in her busty Campari calendar poses (Alba anytime delivered by ‘David D.’), sextasitc model Joyce Verheyen topless and luscious (much ado about funbags from ‘Carlos’), Julie Delpy topless in her French American skinema (lovely melons dropped off by ‘Aaron F.’), the hot bodied Lake Bell topless in her most classic scene (tons o’ ta-ta’s submitted by ‘Jerry’), Leighton Meester lovely as always (ingenue allure via ‘Cameron’), Maggie Gyllenhaal topless in her cinematic tubular turn (floppy happies from the mind of ‘Stephen D.’), Patricia Arquette topless and flaunting (sweaty puppy previews by ‘Stan’), Penelope Cruz and her epic pair exposed (muy caliente, gracias para ‘Todd R.’), Italian Miami bikini hottie Raffaella Modugno posing nekkid (dual kudos out to ‘Marsheat’ and ‘Anzio’), Susan Sarandon topless celluloid throwback (Susie Q’s tossed into the mix by ‘Letty’), Tiah Eckhardt topless Nordic naturals in S Magazine (this is a heavenly visual treat from ‘Erika’), and Abbie Cornish topless on the silver screen (lovely bath lovelies donated by ‘Holt’). It’s a New Year’s Reader Find mouthful, with two feet and a tether ball rope required. Take it in, scratch, sniff, enjoy.

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