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Rosie Jones Chest Challenges Courtnie Quinlan in the Battle of the Boobtastic


Sometimes, you've just got to say, hey, hot lady, what you got there under that top that's so darn special? What I like to do is say that to two super fine ladies knowing full well that what each of them has under their tops is so damn enticing I will probably collapse to the floor in a splash of my own flop sweat. Nevertheless, the greater good is served in a little challenge we like to call the Battle of the Boobtastic.

This week's outstandingly sextastic contestants are young veteran champ Rosie Jones and her udders of perfection challenged by the brunette stunner Courtnie Quinlan. One woman will walk away the winner, the other, well, just have to settle for being a great looking woman with a near perfect body. Alas and alack. It remains up to you to decide, to the victor go the eyeball spoils. In your expert opinion, between these two pillars of the passion inducement, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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L. Shima Nekkid Hotness Is Wild and Ready to Inspire


Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been removed.

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My darling Southern future ex-wife and exotic hot model L.Shima is not shy about sharing her lovely Mother Naturally gifts with the rest of the world in various dramatic photoshoot blends. When you've got the tools in the hot lady toolbox L.Shima possesses, you can build a lot of projects ogling gentleman like myself will call inspired. As in this smoky revealing shoot of the benevolent bodied L.Shima teasing her sweet funbags and parts Southerly in a wardrobe that I believe I actually picked out for her in my imagination just last week. Oh, dare to dream and those dreams might just come true.

L.Shima, we are destined to be together in some kind of relationship that admittedly benefits mostly me, but that you can use to feel better about future love interests by comparison. I'd like to be the low-bar setting for all the world's crazy hot women. It would fill my days with smiles and my nights with sweaty groans followed by asking where the remote is. I'm no good, but very affordable. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Emma K in a French Maid Costume Topless in the Conservatory with Colonel Mustard


People throw around the word 'cliche' like it's a bad thing. But cliches often come about because they're simply timeless truisms. Like the French maid costume. Sure, it's not fresh, it's cliche. But it works. And it never stops working, not when it's being brought out of the closet once again by the crazy amazing body of Emma K for a striptease shoot in the boudoir. Yes, I am completely willing to suspend my disbelief for any amount of time and believe that Emma K is a maid I've brought over from Marseilles to clean all six hundred feet of my humble abode with a feather duster and a silky low cut asstastic revealing uniform. It could happen.

On Wednesday's, the hump of the work week, why not dream a little dream of hitting the big boobtastic time with the likes of Emma K. Dreams are free and really have yet to be topped by anything on pay cable, though it's often close. Emma K, you blessedly bosomed topless French maid, merci beaucoup. There will be a little something extra in your envelope this week. Huzzah!

Sara Malakul Lane Topless Nekkid Natural Boudoir Bosomy Hotness


You really just need to say Thai-English girl and I'm already onboard for whatever. A quick peek, a year long schooner trip around the globe. Sign me up. When that exotic beauty turns out to be Sara Malakul Lane of Sharktopus fame, well then, I'm erasing everybody else's name on the list and moving myself right to the top. She really is one bodaciously endowed brunette sextastic something.

Looking all kinds of bedroom eyes, and bedroom body, in this topless Nate Walton photoshoot, Sara shows why her destiny in Tinsel Town will be far greater than just kitschy Syfy flicks. Oh, no, this star is rising much much fast, despite, you know, being top heavy in the best way possible. Sara, don't take my catatonic leering the wrong way. It just means I care for you as a person. Enjoy.

Penny L Red Hot Topless Bedroom Photoshoot


Steamy ginger Penny L bared her lovely jugs in this topless bedroom shoot. She starts off in a red lingerie set, which you would think wouldn't look good with her hair, but it does. Oh, boy it does. Her top then disappears and she gives us all a view of her ginormous funbags. She's got those bright pink nipples that often come with those of the ginger clan. They are, for lack of a better adjective, pencil eraser-like. I know I'd like them to rub me out, you know? Then her bottom falls off and we see her lady mons and the red landing strip that leads to the garden of Earthly delights. Penny looks like the kind of girl who would rock your world at night and then make a mean Denver omelet in the morning. She just seems like the type.

I do love a woman in a garter belt. I don't know why. It's a pretty useless clothing item in view of modern elastic technology. But a woman with stockings held up by a garter belt is hella sexy.

Rosie Jones Topless In Lingerie Photoshoot for ZOO October 2014


Rosie Jones is one of my favorite models who likes taking off their clothes a lot. She's just friggin sexy as F. She starts off in a series of sexy lingerie numbers that accentuate those amazing funbags. She then obliges us with what we really want to see, namely her naked boobies. They seem all natural to me, but huge, just like I like 'em. Is there anything sexier than a pair big perky of naturals? I think not. She's also been gifted with a supernaturally wonderful booty. If I was a woman, I'd take a shot of her booty to the plastic surgeon and say, "make me look like that". It's such a perfectly round butt that it draws lesser derrieres into its orbit. If Rosie's booty doesn't make you jump for joy then you might need to examine your life.

Oh, sweet Rosie. Thank you for the gift of your funbags and butt. You are a true humanitarian.

Miley Cyrus Sunbathes Topless On A Hotel Balcony In Sydney


The ever provocative Miley Cyrus decided to let her funbags out for some air on a hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia. The sexy pixie whipped off her top in full view of the paps so that they could get some nice clear shots of her lady plums. Say what you want about about Miley, she knows how to give her fans what they want to see. I've always thought Miley had a delightful rack. They are just so darn pert and fun. They are the kind of boobies you want to go out on the town with and do shots until the wee hours. Miley was also wearing a pair of short shorts, because Miley hates clothes, and her splendid little tight booty peek-a-booed out of the bottom of them.

The butt that launched a million twerks is extraordinary. If they gave out a Nobel Prize for achievements in booty, Miley would surely win for what she's done to advance that field.