Lindsay Lohan Not Drinking… Except for That Bottle and a Half of Vodka a Day.

According to Lindsay Lohan dad of the year, Michael Lohan, his daughter is consuming between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day, that is, in between the pills she uses to sleep or wake herself. Michael Lohan is insisting that the posse around Lindsay is enabling her dangerous consumption and demanding some kind of emergency intervention.

So hard to know who to believe in this domestic dispute. Lindsay Lohan is obviously flailing about on something stronger than clove cigarettes and corn pops (did that once for a whole weekend sophomore year of high school, I don’t recommend), at the same time, Michael Lohan is a sleaze dad of pretty epic proportions.

Read the latest on the Lindsay Lohan Intervention (without Lindsay) on TMZ.


Heather Clem Taped Herself Banging Hulk Hogan and a Bunch of Other Dudes Too

We at Egotastic! understand all facets of male behavior. And while we don’t necessarily condone it, we understand why some guys insist on taping their sexual exploits. These are usually the same guys who insist on blow drying their hair while butt-naked in the gym locker room. However, when women start being the recording artists in the bedroom, our Spidey senses start tingling something fierce about some ulterior shenanigans beyond mere ego gratification.

Turns out Heather Clem and her husband turned ex-husband Bubba the Love Sponge had a knack for Heather turning on secret cameras to record her bumping of the uglies with other men. Whether this was for some kind of secret naughty fetish fun, or, in the case of Hulk Hogan, a potential plan for a little bit of extortion, well, either way, let’s just call the girl’s desire to be filmed something of a red flag.

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Make-Out Time is Over! Lindsay Lohan and Mom Dina in Drunken Nightclub Brawl

Oh, these mother daughter love affairs never last too long I suppose. One minute, you’re wasted and kissing your equally wasted emotionally disturbed mother and the next minute you’re in a nightclub brawl over who gets the limo and mom is scratching a gouge into your leg and the police are called.

As you know, for as much as we want to blame Lindsay Lohan for all her troubled behavior, it only takes one look, and breath smell from mom, not to mention dad’s retarded caveman like track record, to know that Lindsay was doomed from the start.

Check out all the details on the Lindsay-Dina Lohan brawl on TMZ.

P.S. Who is paying for all these 911 responses?


Joanna Krupa Denies She’s a Hooker (We Continue to Fight for Hooker Rights)

First, let me say. Having wriggled around Hollywood hot ladies circles for some time now, it’s absolutely no secret than many of the young ingenues in the thespianic and modeling world have had male ‘benefactors’ of one type of another to help them get by. Sometimes it’s formally arranged through services and madames, sometimes it’s just a ‘my older boyfriend pays my rent and buys me a car’ kind of thing. To me, it’s a difference without a distinction. The laws are vague and arcane as to what is hooking what is not. Kept is kept.

Having said that, as a celebrity, you don’t necessarily want the rep that you got paid cash money for a night of your intimate time. It just looks bad. It’s a rap on your sheet for rapping in the sheets. So much so that our friends at TMZ are reporting that supermodel and newest cast member of Real Housewives of Miami Joanna Krupa now has Hollywood legal beagle, the omnipresent scandal cleaner Marty Singer, threatening to sue the shizz out of folks claiming that Joanna was a $10,000 a night lady of the evening.

Personally, we think $10K is kind of a compliment.

A Hammered Tara Reid Falls Over a Parked Motorcycle, Nobody Expresses Shock or Outrage

It’d make a great trivia game to name all the objects Tara Reid has spilled over while hammered; start with the question, ‘Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?’ and the answer, ‘Yes.’

In the latest battle of liquor legs versus the laws of physics, Tara Reid meets a parked motorcycle in the streets of St. Tropez. It’s hard to say who wins. It’s easy to see the loser.

See the video for yourself on TMZ. Tara Reid drunk and splattered over a motorcycle.

Kanye Used to Watch Ray-J Bumping Kim Kardashian When With Other Women

This is perhaps our favorite story, well, ever. It combines so much wrongness that it’s just incredibly right.

According to our friends at TMZ, Kanye used to watch the Kim Kardashian and Ray-J sex tape when with other women to get him in the erectile animal mood. Hence began his quest to get the real Kim Kardashian, porn star, into his real bedroom.

Mission accomplished, you sad sad fool.

(Of course, you can still see the entire Kim Kardashian sex tape at

Courtney Stodden Barely Legal and Blasted With Hot Sticky Adult Film Offers

I would like somebody to stand up who did not see this coming.

Courtney Stodden turned 18 today this very day and was immediately swamped with porn offers from some of the major players in the adult film industry, soliciting the now barely legal teen bride into some onscreen revelations and interactions for cash that, well, we’ll await final word from the Stodden camp as to their response to such complimentary offers.

For the full story on Courtney Stodden 18th Birthday adult film offers, visit our friends at TMZ.