Even More Alison Brie Deep Cleavage Swimsuits For GQ

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Alison Brie sweet hot water, even more photos from her sextacular set from GQ Mexico. Alison Brie isn’t your traditional exhibitionist model, but when she decided to turn on the alluring spigots, oh, how they do run strong.

Last week we saw a few of these photos from the full pictorial, primarily in black and white composites. Now, the vastly underrated passion inducement of Alison Brie in a cleavetastic swimsuit in full color. You know, how ever many colors there are in the rainbow. Seven? Plus or minus five, I’m not good with guessing. But I’m firm, as it were, when it comes to identifying the sextastic. Alison Brie is covered in that. Oh, that we can some day soon see more. I’m going to hold my breath until it happens. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Mexico

Kaylee J Lavigne And Saab Marty Topless Spill Out Of Swimsuits During Baywatch Inspired Shoot

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Somebody’s got to sell this mysteriously unnerving water slash hot model girl photo production outlet. Why not the near brunette twinsies power of Kaylee J Lavigne and Saab Marty, just a couple of young models who delight in surfing, or at least rubbing their big bad Funions up against a surfboard while one lucky bastard snaps away.

This photoshoot is labeled as Baywatch tribute, though I’d hate to think you could tribute such classic high brow content with two albeit sweet bodied girls falling out of their red beach patrol swimsuits. For instance, where’s the inspiring music? Where are the fake water rescues filmed in somebody’s pool? Nope. This isn’t a tribute or an homage. This work stands entirely on its own. And it’s pretty darned ogle worthy in it’s own right. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Alison Brie Cleavy Smoking Hot Swimsuit Pictures, We May Not Survive These Melons of Joy

Alison Brie just kills me. She pulls the life force right out of me, shakes it up like a cocktail, and puts it right back in no particular order or sensibility. It’s hard to explain the feeling precisely, but suffice it to say, it’s a good one.

The girl next door cutie slash often underrated alluring girl you’d wished you’d had an evening alone with in college got into a cleavetastic revealing swimsuit for a pictorial for GQ Mexico, because caballeros need to know how to accessorize as well. Her swimsuits aren’t as undone or unzipped as I might particularly please, but I suppose there’s something to be said for the art of the tease. Mostly that thing is, make it stop and flash us your epic funbags so we might properly break into happy tears. Body language says so much more than spoken utterances. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Mexico

Kate Bock Is Teasy Hot With a Body You Must Memorize

SI Rookie of the Year Kate Bock isn’t wasting any time getting her name, err, body, err, those must-see funbags into the mix of young ridiculously hot women vying for your ogling minutes. The competition is stiff, as our the judges, but Kate certainly seems up to the task.

In this moderately teasy pictorial for Galore magazine, Kate shows she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, whether modeling for men, for women, or just privately for me in my 10×10 closet the realtor insists is a bonus room. It’s a closet. So will say Kate’s rescue notes she flings out the window when she finds the closet door locked from the outside. I have to be especially careful of security these days. People keep trying to steal all my wicked hot models. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jacob DeKat For Galore Magazine

Barbara Palvin Swimsuit Pimping for the Ladies, But Revving Up the Gents

In these pictures clearly meant to sell clothes to the fairer sex, you clearly see the heavenly hot Hungarian V.S. model Barbara Palvin showing exactly why models always have stories of being ‘discovered’. Of course, you can’t discover something that already exists, but you can be the one to make it into something the whole world can appreciate. Girls like Barbara don’t randomly appear on the international scene. Somebody with an eye for sextastic talent identifies her potential. Photographers advance that potential, then people like myself with small couches but large missions take it upon ourselves to make sure the rest of the world gets to meet them. Could you live a happy life without knowing Barbara Palvin? Of course you could. But why would you want to?

In this little swimsuit fashion number for L’Espirit Rive’, Barbara shows why she’s one of those small number of smoking hot women whose looks transcend themes. She’s a page stopper when I’m flipping through my lady’s magazines and catalogs, as I do every Wednesday, and occasionally, Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and non-football Sundays. Oh, Barbara, that you could step out from the pages of these photoshoots and whisper naughty things in my ear. That’s the very reason I don’t wear headphones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Le Bon Marché L’Esprit Rive

Bachelor Contestant Jade Elizabeth Roper Topless Stellar Bazoongas in Playboy

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At one point she was Jade Elizabeth. On the current season of The Bachelor, she’s Jade Roper. Online, she’s Jade Elizabeth Roper. Quite frankly, I’ll call her anything she likes provided she just smiles in my direction. Okay, smiles while topless and revealing her stellar ta-ta’s as featured in her Playboy shoot of not so very long ago.

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I’m not sure how Jade got booted by the Bachelor. I wouldn’t watch that show if some villain had my family held hostage with horrible threats. I can always find new family, it’s my TV time that’s precious. All I know is it’s incredibly staged and the audience skews heavily female which could be the only reason in ‘reality’ a man would ever decided Jade Elizabeth Roper was not the girl for him. Oh, please can it with the ‘she be crazy’ nonsense. A girl who looks like this, you expect a little personality quarks. God doesn’t want anybody to be perfect. There’s simply not fun in that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

Olivia Munn Wears A Plunging Swimsuit For Esquire Mexico

Actress and serious hottie Olivia Munn took the plunge in this cleavtacular swimsuit for Esquire Mexico. Olivia has got some pretty amazing funbags and, lucky for us, she likes to show them off a lot. They are perfect orbs of awesome booby flesh that I would personally like to inspect closer. I remember when I first saw her on The Daily Show and couldn’t pay attention to the jokes because I was so mesmerized by her chest. As if her ta-tas wasn’t enough to slake your thirst, she’s also showing off her incredible legs. I would very much like to have those silky gams wrapped around my waste, yes, please, and thank you.

Olivia is my type of woman, funny and giant-breasted. She could tell me funny jokes while I motorboated those bad boys.

Photo Credit: Esquire Mexico