Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Ridiculous Wooty Can Not Be Overlooked (or Overspanked)

I’m not sure how we almost missed this hourglass drop down to epic wooty from the delicious Aussie blonde Sophie Turner over the Halloween weekend, but her booty is something I never wish to forsake.

We’ve been admiring Sophie’s shapely form for a while now, with the allure of her lady curves ever on display in her figure hugging dresses. But this orange for the holidays bottomside clinger might just be the best yet. I’m not sure how or why or what falling star Sophie prayed to to get a badonkadonk like she has, I’m just so happy she’s sharing. Enjoy.

Sophie Turner Curvaceous Arrival In Hollywood

Oh, sure, some people will say, ‘Hey, Bill, you only really dig Sophie Turner because she has a killer body, an amazing rack, and a booty that if Miley Cyrus had it, would make twerking something actually worth watch.’. And, you would be right.

While Sophie also happens to be a cool and smart chick, we as gentleman oglers have to have the ability to put aside the more meaningful aspects of a woman at times and simply focus on her hourglass figure. It’s not without purpose. This is where babies come, so I’m told. So when Sophie Turner shows up in a form fitting outfit outside the W Hotel last night in Hollywood, we have to take note. If not whistle and politely make a few cat calls and such. We can’t fight our nature, let’s relish in it. Enjoy.

Sophie Turner May Just Be the Curviest White Girl on the Planet

I just like making such bold statement so you guys will send me photo proof of how wrong I may be. It’s a boon for my personal viewing pleasure. Though in fairness, Sophie Turner has to be somewhere near the top, with that killer badonkadonk and her curvaceous top, she’s putting the hourglass into a blonde frame we typically don’t see much of these days. I’m guessing there might be some assistance from modern science, but it’s just so much more passion inducing than anything the Kardashian butt injectees have to offer.

Caught leaving SUR nightclub in some tight tight jeans, Sophie had the chance over the weekend to let the entire world see the majesty of her buttside tight curves, that if you aren’t right now imagining squeezing between your two hungry paws, you need to go back to male primate school. Enjoy.

Sophie Turner Has an Ass That Makes Me Want to Cry

Just being honest. The Aussie model has a derriere upon which I would like to eat my Jimmy Dean sausage links each morning. A booty for which I would build altar made entirely of ice then watch it slowly melt onto its own hotness. A dumper onto which my hands would be placed 24×7 to ensure that no cheek ever be left unattended for any amount of time. Yes, it’s a truly regal seat that Sophie Turner put on display in Heathrow Airport yesterday as tons of British men were treated to views of the criminally intense asstastic of the Down Under babe.

Every now and then people will accuse me of being an ass-man. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding them and they’re just calling me an ‘ass’. Both are quite true. And for Sophie’s curvaceous bum, I’d take any name calling. It’s truly inspiring. Enjoy.


Sophie Turner and Her Body Faptastic Win Our Blue Balls Ribbon Halloween Costume Prize

Okay, so the blessedly unending need for sextastic celebrities to draw attention to their hotness goes on 365 days a year, but our awarding of the Blue Balls Ribbon Halloween Costume to Sophie Turner and her ridiculously hot show of skin and curves on the 31st officially marks our end of this specific holiday’s cosplay coverage.

And what a way to go out. Sophie Turner has a body that we dream about thrice evening during our REM sleep, forever waking up with our mouths wide open biting about our comfy pillows. We’re told it’s a quite natural sleep-response for males in the age 12-14 category, so it’s only natural that is still affect us.

But just look at Sophie bending and preening and flashing and tell me that Halloween image is not going to haunt you in your sleep evermore. Enjoy.

Sophie Turner See-Through Skirt Flashes a Labor of Cheeky Love

How did you spend your Labor Day? As you may know, Egotastic! spent the bulk of the day perfecting pork butt on the grill, but our butt could not nearly match the asstastic presentation put on by hot-bodied Aussie wonderment, Sophie Turner, who flashed her down under region at a Labor Day party in Brentwood.

Now, outside of the occasional car crash from passing by ogling gentleman, nobody was harmed by Sophie’s flashy garb, her body flawless exhibition, or her ability to turn an American holiday dedicated to hard labor and turn it into a labor of lust for oglers everywhere. This is how we got the word ‘holiday’ in the first place, it’s a contraction for ‘holy faptastic, check out Sophie’s arse today!’ Enjoy.

Sophie Turner Knockout Body Topped With the Bonus of See-Through Pants

There’s one thing you can never take away from Sophie Turner, though I’d like to try and take it away to my splendid suite at the Red Roof Inn for the weekend — that wicked hot and curvy body the Aussie model and reality show starlet puts on display every time she leaves the house, even for just a midday stroll through The Grove shopping mall.

While there is some discussion about what is going on upstairs with Sophie, what is going on downstairs, and specifically stairs right there in the middle area, well, that is one staircase I’d like to climb over and over again with the screams of a young lady just discovering the bannister for the first time. Twisted perhaps, nevertheless, completely honest. Enjoy.