This is Why Christian Ponder Couldn’t Play Against Green Bay

There wasn’t much in the way of explanation on Saturday night as to why Christian Ponder wasn’t starting at quarterback for the Vikings against the Packers. It wasn’t until later, and after poor Joe Webb was 11-30 for 180 yards with a TD and a pick, that we found out Ponder couldn’t play thanks to a bruised tricep.

At first you might think, ‘A bruised tricep? C’mon Ponder, you’re a pro. Suck it up!’ But then someone gets a picture of said tricep and then you think, ‘holy crap!’

It looks like Ponder’s arm spent a few minutes in a meat grinder, or got run over with a snow tire. Sucks for him that he had to miss the game, but his job is safe after some mid-season struggles.

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Hard Snaps – Ten Great NFL Photos From Wild Card Weekend

And then there were eight. Wild Card Weekend in the NFL didn’t provide a ton of drama, but it had its moments. Robert Griffin III‘s knee bending a way knees aren’t supposed to should lead to an interesting offseason for the Redskins. That field was a joke and an embarrassment and unquestionably played a part in RG3 going down. Seattle moves on to face the Falcons in Atlanta.

Houston won, but didn’t look very dominant in doing so. Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton overthrew A.J. Green in the endzone on a play that could have given the Bengals a late lead. Dalton’s future is even being questioned, even though he’s taken the Bengals to the playoffs in each of his first two years. Houston now goes to New England.

Christian Ponder was a late scratch for the Vikings and the Packers had no trouble with backup QB Joe Webb or Adrian Peterson. The Pack now has to travel to the Bay Area to take on Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers.

Indianapolis rookie Andrew Luck found out that the playoffs run at a different speed. The Colts’ offense never got going against the Ravens, who now must try to slow down Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Start Your NFL Wildcard Weekend with Cheerleader Battles and Some Game Predictions

The best postseason tournament in professional sports begins this weekend, as the NFL Playoffs get going with two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. The Cincinnati Bengals travel to Houston to face the Texans in Saturday’s first game. This should be a great matchup, especially with Houston looking vulnerable lately. The cheerleading advantage definitely goes to Houston, and football-wise it does too. I say Houston gets it together and wins 27-17.

The second game on Saturday is Minnesota at Green Bay. Adrian Peterson rushed for more than 400 yards in their two meetings this season, but the Packers say he won’t go for 200 again. Cheerleading advantage goes to the Vikings, but I see the Packers winning the game, 31-14.

Sunday kicks off with Indianpolis traveling to Baltimore. The Ravens haven’t looked so hot lately and they could be in trouble. Baltimore wins the cheerleader battle in this one, but not by much. I think Andrew Luck and the Colts win the game though and upset the Ravens, 24-17.

In the final game of the weekend, it’s rookie vs. rookie as Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III go head to head with Seattle visiting Washington. The cheerleading matchup here is as tight as the actual game will be. It’s hard to bet against Seattle the way they’ve been playing lately. Seattle squeaks it out, 28-24. Enjoy the games.

Rex Ryan Appears to Have a Tattoo of His Wife Wearing a Mark Sanchez Jersey

During the NFL season, the New York Jets were all over the map to the point where nothing they did would surprise anyone. You can’t say that anymore. Head coach Rex Ryan is on vacation in The Bahamas right now where a New York Daily News photographer got a picture of Ryan lying on the beach with what looks like a real tattoo of his wife sporting a Mark Sanchez jersey. Seriously.

There is the possibility that Ryan is messing with all of us. I’m no tattoo expert, but it does look real. That doesn’t mean that it is, of course. There’s also the possibility that the number six isn’t in tribute to Sanchez, either. But who else in Jets’ history who wore number six would Ryan be paying homage to? It would explain Ryan’s decision to stick with Sanchez so long into his worst season as a QB.

Loyalty is a strong trait, but this just takes that to a whole ‘nother level. I’d bet good money that when Ryan finally does his end of season press conference that he’ll be asked about this tat. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it. Also, sorry about the shirtless pic of Rex, but what else was I supposed to do?

via New York Daily News

NFL Cheerleaders Wrap Up the Regular Season in Spectacular Fashion

The NFL regular season came to a close over the weekend, and the cheerleaders of the home teams went and gave it 110 percent even if they were cheering for a team who was playing in a meaningless game. It’s been a strong year for NFL cheerleaders, but really, what year isn’t?

Here are some of the best pics from around the league during week 17. But also, there are some shots of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders from week 16 because they took the ‘sexy Santa’ thing to different level than most of the squads. But that’s what sets the Cowboys cheerleaders apart from the rest.

It’s Time to Look Back at Our NFL Playoff Predictions and See How We Did

Way back in August, a couple of us decided to make some playoff predictions and put them in print for eternity. Our video game guy Aaron was going to pick three teams in the AFC who made the playoffs last year but wouldn’t this season, along with three teams who would return to the postseason after being out in 2011. I was doing the same for the NFC.

For the teams who we thought would return, Aaron went with Oakland, Tennessee and the Jets. Neither of those teams came close. I picked Seattle, Chicago and Dallas to get back. Seattle made it, and Dallas and Chicago were eliminated in the final week so combined we were 1-5 in that one.

Of the teams we picked to not get back to the postseason, I chose the defending champion New York Giants, New Orleans and Detroit. None of them made it. Aaron went with Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Denver, and only Pittsburgh didn’t make it. Combined we were 4-2 on that.

Here at Egotastic!, we stand by our picks, right or wrong.

David Wilson Hall of Fame Watch – Week 17

Ever since the New York Giants’ first round pick David Wilson said he was going to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I’ve been tracking his progress. Wilson had a pretty nice game in the Giants’ blowout of the inept Philadelphia Eagles, with 75 yards on 15 carries. Wilson was a nice complement to Ahmad Bradshaw, who had 107 yards on 16 carries.

DW also pulled down one catch for 15 yards and a TD and added one kickoff return for 29 yards.

So here are Wilson’s final stats for his rookie year. The 21-year-old rookie had 71 carries for 358 yards and four touchdowns. He had four receptions on the year for 34 yards with that TD in week 17. Wilson returned 57 kicks for 1,533 yards and one 97-yard TD.

Not a bad start to his career, but Wilson is going to need to step it up if he wants to reach his goal of being elected to the HOF.

Canton probability after 1 season – Low.