Relive The New York Jets Season Lowlights With Their Blooper Reel

Compilation of the New York Jets bloopers
Throw a Tent Over This Circus

The New York Jets’ season played out pretty much how everyone thought it would, for the most part. It was predicted to be mostly a circus and it ended up being just that. From Mark Sanchez‘s struggles to the continued Tim Tebow mess, it just got uglier and uglier. Still, the Jets were in the playoff hunt deep into the season, though it came to an end on another Sanchez turnover.

Someone went ahead and threw together a compilation of the Jets’ lowlights for the year, and a lot of this four minutes of footage will probably be on the highlight reels of other teams. This has been on Youtube since December, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. And if you’re looking for the Sanchez butt fumble, go ahead and skip to the 2:20 mark and relive it in all its glory.

h/t Cosby Sweaters.

Get Ready for Championship Sunday with Vintage NFL Cheerleader Pics

I’ve long thought that Championship Sunday would make for a better party than Super Bowl Sunday. Obviously you get two presumably good games, which means double the time to gorge yourself on food and booze. You would eliminate some of the guests who ask tons of questions because the Super Bowl is the only time they watch football. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting told to quiet down or shushed during the commercials by your friend’s girlfriend because they aren’t Super Bowl commercials. I’m definitely throwing a Championship Sunday party next year.

I’m changing things up a bit this week and going with some vintage pics of the cheerleaders of the four teams left in the NFL Playoffs. Not only is it fun to look way back, the oldest pic in the group is from 1992, but I’ve nearly burned through all the current pics. Besides, some of these are from 2005, so we’re not exactly talking about sepia toned photos.

The lines for the games are out and despite playing at home, Atlanta is a four point underdog. That completely makes sense after the way they played and the way the 49ers played last weekend. The Falcons needed a miracle ending and the Niners completely dominated Green Bay. In the AFC, the Patriots are a nine point favorite over Baltimore. Enjoy the games.

Hard Snaps – 12 Great Photos From the Divisional Round

Even if you aren’t a fan of any of the teams who were still in the NFL playoffs, those were some great games to watch this weekend. The Baltimore and Denver double OT thriller was quite possibly one of the top three or four postseason games ever. San Francisco showed that they are for real, and Colin Kaepernick set a playoff record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 181.

Seattle and Atlanta played pretty much two different games. The first half was a blowout, the second half was insane. Matt Ryan finally played like he deserves the ‘Matty Ice’ nickname. Then New England proved that maybe they are the best team in the NFL right now. Tom Brady gets the AFC Championship in his stadium again, which might not be that huge of an advantage against another cold weather team.

Here are 12 pics which pretty much, in my opinion, summed up the four games this weekend.

Get Ready for the Divisional Round with Some Cheerleaders and Game Predictions

Two games Saturday and two games on Sunday again. The NFL Playoffs are back to make your weekend that much better. Baltimore and Denver get things started, and while I’ve seen a few pundits taking the Ravens in an upset, I’m not buying into that. Baltimore plays way better at home, and playing in Denver is never easy. Peyton Manning and the Broncos will move on in this one, 34-17.

Saturday night we get the Packers visiting the 49ers. The Niners are favored by three still, but I think Green Bay will pull this one out. Their run game is coming alive and Aaron Rodgers is that much more deadly with a legit backfield to make defenses respect the run. Packers 24-17. Sunday Funday »

Atlanta Falcons Super Fan Big Boi Wants the Seahawks to Enjoy Some Strip Clubs While in Town

Big Boi has an idea to help the Falcons beat the Seahawks
That's Not a Bad Idea, Actually

Outkast’s Big Boi went on ESPN’s First Take to talk about this weekend’s playoff game between the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks and offered some advice for his hometown gentlemen’s clubs. The ATL native said he hoped that the Falcons’ players would stay in and make it a Blockbuster night, but that maybe a couple of Atlanta’s famous strip clubs, Magic City and Diamonds of Atlanta, should make Saturday night ‘Seahawks Night.’

I normally wouldn’t encourage anyone to watch First Take, but this clip is pretty harmless. Though Stephen A. Smith comes off a little creepy when talking about how dudes can get into some trouble in Atlanta. Still, the good parts happen before Skip Bayless says anything, so that’s a plus.

h/t Black Sports Online

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Lead off the Early Lines for Divisional Round Weekend

No big surprises from Vegas this weekend on the NFL lines. The home team is favored in each of the four games. Things get cracking on Saturday with the Ravens traveling to Denver to take on the Broncos. The oddsmakers have the Broncos as an 8.5 point favorite right now and I really can’t see that changing much. Joe Flacco is nowhere near as effective on the road as he is at home. He threw for about 900 yards less away from Baltimore, and his completion percentage is nearly 6 points lower. Denver has won 11 straight and Peyton Manning has been surgical and electric. A Great Football Weekend »

Cameraman Gives Reporter an Early Look at What the Packers did to the Vikings

Reporter Lee Valsvik gets crushed on live television
She never even saw it coming!

It what turned out to be an eerily prophetic look at things to come for the Minnesota Vikings, a local cameraman unloaded on a female reporter doing a live shot before Minnesota and Green Bay kicked off on Saturday. Lee Valsvik was doing a report from a restaurant, presumably to give the locals some ideas on grilling salmon to dine on during the broadcast. Salmon is the official seafood of Wild Card Weekend, and if it isn’t, it should be.

As Valsvik was talking to the bartender, excuse me, mixologist, they discussed playing football in the rooftop restaurant. Though Valsvik playfully jokes that she’s not the one who’s going to get trouble, she definitely was the one who got in trouble. The cameraman catches a pass from the mixology major, and darts straight toward his camera and he doesn’t care who’s in the way. That who, of course, is Valsvik and he drives his shoulder right through her, sending her toppling over a table to the ground. No word on if the camera guy actually got in the endzone, but thankfully Valsvik was okay, as she yelled ‘I’m okay!’ from the ground. I just wonder why the camera guy doesn’t like her.