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Cinco De Mayo and a $5 Offer from Mr. Skin!

You know how much I dig the good men and women at Mr. Skin for finding all the best photos of the fairer sex thespianics on the big and little screen. It is one of my favorite pastimes, when I'm not serving as volunteer laundry assistant at the shelter for runaway barely legal girls. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, whose historical background I could explain if I had ever paid attention in any class in school, Mr. Skin is offering a five dollar sign up deal for their most righteous skin-filled entertainment service. 

Now, you may not have five bucks to your name. But if you have $4.90, I'd start checking vending machines and pay telephones that no longer exist for that extra dime. This is the deal of a Cinco de Mayo lifetime. Cinco para cinco. Get on it. Enjoy.

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