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Mr. Skin Is Giving Away Prizes Just for Checking Out His Topless Anatomy Award Winners! (VIDEO)



My good friend Mr. Skin is the kind of guy who would bail you out of jail without hesitation. Of course, he’d probably be the reason you were in the slammer in the first place, so there’s that for the balance sheet. But when he told me he wanted everybody on Egotastic to check out the ridiculously hot and topless winners of his 16th Annual Anatomy Awards, I said, mofo, show me the Roku. So he did.


Check out all the topless smoking hot winners of this year’s Anatomy Awards and enter yourself to win a Roku 3. This prize ain’t for everybody, only the sexy people. Oh, and Egotastic! Readers. We are considered a big get now. We can probably get good tables at Marie Callender’. This is huge. Enjoy.

Check Out the Anatomy Award Winners »

Mr. Skin Valentine’s Day Offer — Only $4 A Month! So Much Better Than Chocolate or Flowers!



I don’t know what you’re getting your beloved this Valentine’s Day, but you can be sure it’ll be wilted or consumed or forgotten or even the source of arguments by this time Monday. Unless you purchase Mr. Skin’s latest hot rock bottom deal for Valentine’s Day. $4 a month, which is crazy cheap for the master of all things nekkid and onscreen celebrity. For man, for woman, for your androgynous Subway sandwich maker who treats you so nicely throughout the year. This is the gift to buy for that special person in your life. Most especially if that special person is you.

Mr. Skin Crazy Ass Valentine’s Day Deal, Just $4 a Month

Every minute you wait is another minute without the hundreds of thousand of photos and videos, brand new, vintage, everywhere in between, or Mr. Skin skin-filled content. It’s the gift everybody cherishes. Seriously, get one for grandma. This is less than the cost of one ticket to see 50 Shades of Grey, and will make you feel dirty good instead of just dirty why am I here. Trust. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin $4 Crazy Ass Special for Super Bowl Weekend (I Said Crazy Ass, This Is the Big One!)


Occasionally around special annual occasions, my buddy Mr. Skin gets a little lit on Scotch and Yoohoo chocolate soda and offers up some how low can you go crazy kind of offer. This is that time. With the Super Bowl this weekend, the prurient and nekkid lady-loving bastards at Mr. Skin have brought back their $4 a Month Lowest price Ever deal.

Now, I don’t tout many products on this site, outside of human flesh and the grateful love you ought feel for the woman who brought you into this world, but Mr. Skin memberships is simply one of the tools you want in your utility belt of happiness. For just $4 a month, it’ll never ever be a better deal. I feel like Crazy Eddie if Crazy Eddie sold topless Jessica Alba. Had he, he still might be around. Act now.

Golden Globes 2015 Nominees Topless and a 3-Day Free Trial Offer from Mr. Skin


Naturally, our friends at Mr. Skin are very into the Golden Globes Awards this weekend. For Hollywood it means a few dozen members of the boozing and bon vivant life living Foreign Press Association picking winners and losers. For Mr. Skin, a chance to show you the lady nominees quite without their clothes on. You really shouldn’t miss this topless thespianic VIDEO.

And to celebrate, launching into 2015 Awards Season with a 3-Day Free Trial Offer to Mr. Skin. Because the skin baring parts really are the best parts of all these shows and movies.

I can’t guarantee you won’t be slightly alarmed by the amount of smuggery and backslapping this trophy season in Tinsel Town. But I can assure you that you will be nothing but pleased with a Mr. Skin membership. Give it a spin and see if you don’t come up with a movie smile. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Saves Christmas With Crazy Kris Kringle $4 Offer! (EXTENDED THROUGH THE POST-CHRISTMAS WEEKEND!)



Let’s be honest, shopping for men in particular for the holidays is the single hardest thing you may do in life outside of trying to undo a double clasp bra in the dark. And if that man happens to be you, well, you are the hardest person in the world to shop for period. It’s Christmas. You must make a bold gesture of some benevolent form. Mr. Skin is here to save you bacon with hot nekkid celebrities for just $4/month. I know, he’s cuckoo. Get in now before he recovers.

To make this the best Christmas since 1278, which was a doozy, our friends at Mr. Skin are offering Egotastic! readers a $4/month Mr. Skin Xmas special. You can’t buy a damn stocking for four bucks to put your fifty dollar presents in. This is the best offer ever on a product that every man loves, to the point of exhaustion.

Did I mention the entire Mr. Skin library and fresh daily content for just $4?

If you have ever wanted to get behind the Mr. Skin curtain, today is the day. Now is the time. This is the moment. Ho-ho-ho. Yes, you will see those too, I guarantee. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Declares His Hottest Three Lesbionic Scenes of 2014!


You can only imagine the conversations had between myself and Mr. Skin. Lots of politics and gardening tip talk naturally. Once in a while, we do get around to sparing a moment to discuss the lovely nekkid ladies of Hollywood and how best to share them with the desirous readers. For his part, Mr. Skin digs a good list, and in his latest rankings, has prepared his three favorite topless lesbian scenes of 2014.

I find it hard to argue over the likes of Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Sara Malakul Lane, and Sapphic sextastic sex scenes in House of Cards. It really was a fine year for scissor kissing hot bodied goodness. Check it out.

(And while you’re at it, you being way behind on Christmas gifts and all, do be sure to get your Mr. Skin Membership for anybody you hope to call friend in 2015, including yourself.)

Check Out the Uncensored Mr. Skin Top 3 Lesbian Scenes of 2014 »

Mr. Skin Done Gone Crazy with $4 Cyber Monday Special!


If you’re like me, you lost between three and eleven people important to you shopping for cheap LED screens in this early morning hours of Black Friday. A grim day indeed. Especially Aunt Helen. Her marshmallow cookies. To die for. I haven’t shopped at a brick and mortar store since they invented online shopping, not because I don’t adore American traditions, but because I’m agoraphobic, claustrophobic, and whatever that word is that means shopping malls give you horrific hives. I love Cyber Monday, the day to buy all your Christmas and holiday (hi, Jews and Muslims) gifts online, the first of which MUST BE this crazy $4/month offer from Mr. Skin. It’s their best offer ever. And it’s especially designed to make you the best gift giver ever, especially if you’re buying it for yourself.

Get Mr. Skin Now for Just $4/Month!

See Topless Samples and then Get Mr. Skin for Just $4/Month!

Unlimited access to the Mr. Skin deep, happy place library of new and archived photos and videos of all your favorite actresses and thespianics in the buff. Boobs until you can boob no more. As if that place exists. And, for one week starting today, JUST $4 a month on an annual subscription. It will never be cheaper. Or better. Or more Yuletide awesome.