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Mr. Skin’s Brand Spanking New 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes of All Time (And Giving Away 15 Lifetime Memberships!)


Mr. Skin is getting old. He's turning fifteen and celebrating by banging out an entirely new Greatest Ever Celebrity Nude Scenes list. Could Phoebe Cates in Fast Times be toppled from the throne like a super hot King Joffrey with perfect yams? Mr. Skin's using complex science to determine his tops list, unlike some magazines we know. A winner will be crowned in a countdown over the next couple of weeks.

Free Sign Up to Check Out the Uncensored 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes!

To add icing to the birthday cake, Mr. Skin is handing out 15 Lifetime Membership to 15 Lucky visitors who come to check out the 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes. It's a win win, and win. A Lifetime of Mr. Skin means less skin on your johnny, but more joy in your eyes.

Here's a look at the PG-13 preview of the list. You're going to want to see uncensored video scenes list in its entirety. Because I know you better than you know yourself. The sign up is entirely free to see all 150 scenes. It's so much better than work, I can't tell you. Enjoy.

Celebrate Hot Nekkid Hineys and Skindependence Day With Mr. Skin!


You know, some day Mr. Skin and I won't be around to make all these atrocious naughty puns and some of you youngin's will have to step into the mix. But, for now, Happy Skindependence Day thanks to Mr. Skin who is opening up their coffers of the encyclopedia of celebrity skin on film to all Egotastic! readers for just $5 a month. If you've ever thought to yourself, boy, a Mr. Skin subscription sure would be more fun than paying that random tax on my cell phone bill I can't possibly fathom, now would be that time.

Hookup With Mr. Skin for the Holidays for Just $5 a Month!

To celebrate Skindependence, Mr. Skin is focusing on hot bare arses. Think of it as booty fireworks. If you're not an assman, you're probably on the wrong website as it is. If you are, check out the Mr. Skin salute to the hotties of Hollywood asstastic and get yourself hooked up. In all my years pimping Mr. Skin, I can tell you not a single soul has ever come back to me and said, 'I really regret my access to the world's biggest library of hot nekkid women in TV and movies.' and that includes the ones who chaffed themselves so badly they required medical attention. Happy Skindependence Day.

Mr. Skin Asks You, Which World Cup Country Has the Hottest Nekkid Celebrities? (VIDEO)


Well, I guess somebody had to ask and Mr. Skin was just the guy to do it. The good fine female form loving folks at Mr. Skin have put together a contest for you to check out the bare boobtastic of smoking hot ladies from 16 of the World Cup participating countries to vote on the finest. I mean, kicking a little round ball into a net is semi-significant, but having crazy hot famous women with killer bodies is tantamount to global domination.

VOTE NOW in the Mr. Skin World Cups competition, because it's completely free and checking out nekkid women from around the globe is better than whatever else you're doing. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin and Naked News Father’s Day Gift Spectacular!

You know I only pimp the stuff I love here. Then I try to whittle it down for as little as possible for those of you who dig the same things. You know, hot nekkid girls, topless celebrities, news reporters taking off their clothes, those high minded kinds of things. I just want you to be happy. And on this Father's Day Weekend, I want dad to be happy. Just look at that poor bastard. Yes, he had sex with your mom, but it's time to let bygones be bygones and show your appreciation for the dad who taught you how to be a mediocre Little League player with a joint subscription to Mr. Skin and Naked News for just ten bucks a month.

Mr. Skin and Naked News bundled for just a few shekels per months

I can't do math, so I can't calculate the bargain, but it's big. And dad deserves it. And so do you, if you want to buy it for yourself and pretend it's for dad. Or maybe you are a dad and you're kids are getting you crap again this year. So get this for yourself. I can't guarantee anything other than countless hours of entertainment right up dad's alley, so to speak. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Celebrates Cinco De Mayo With Mexican Hotties


You know, everybody celebrates the Cinco De Mayo holiday in their own fashion. Personally, I like to throw back a few tequilas until I remember the actual historical significance of the holiday which most every non-Mexican tends to get wrong, but celebrates nonetheless. As for the folks at Mr. Skin, they've delved into their area of expertise by fashioning together clips of Mexican thespianics in the topless and nekkid sin ropas kind of way.

On the off chance you happen to dig hottie Latinas on the big and little screen you might just want to check out the Mr. Skin Mexican Mamacitas playlist and get your own membership to the world's best archive of skin in motion pictures. You can do it before or after the tequilas and the cheesy sombrero you'll be wearing by the fourth one down. Todo el mundo es mexicano el Cinco de Mayo.

Who Wants an Xbox One? Check Out the Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards And Be Entered to Win (VIDEO)

Updated to Add: if you enter your email address on the landing page after leaving this site, you are entered in the prize contest even if you don't see the Xbox specifically mentioned. Trust me, it's there. I mean, trust me like I'm Egotastic!, not like when the government says to trust them and you're skrewed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This isn't like one Xbox for the entire world. This is one Xbox One for one lucky Egotastic! Reader only. One of my lucky semi-employed bastard viewers is going to take home the Xbox One, courtesy of Mr. Skin and their annual Anatomy Awards, featuring delicate categories such as Best Nip Slip, Best Albino Nudity, and Best Backburger. It's so much better than the Oscars.

It's completely FREE, as in gratis, no purchase necessary, to see all the sextastic photos and clips of every nominated scene live now at Mr. Skin. When you're there, enter to win that Xbox, become the envy of your neighborhood, finally get laid by a girl you don't have to pretend to your friends doesn't have a Facebook account, and be somebody. It all happens now.

Enter to win now. Seriously, NOW. Yes, you might have to look at a bunch of really hot girls with no clothes on, but suffer you must. Enjoy.

Check Out the Uncensored Video Promo »

Vote in the 15th Annual Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards, Win an Xbox One, Become Popular!


It's that time of the year again. Awards season. No, not the massive black-tie circle you know what that is the Academy Awards and the seventy-nine other slap on the back for being awesome film and TV industry events. The important stuff. The Anatomy Awards, the 15th annual from Mr. Skin which allows you, the celebrity funbag and skin loving not so average joe to vote on the winners. And vote you must, it is your civic sextastic duty.

Watch the video clips, vote, be entered to win an Xbox One, and become absolutely the most lucky kid in your whole block. Also, that part about deciding the outcome of the free nekkid world isn't so bad either.

VOTE NOW. Vote early. And, naturally, vote with your pants on, please. Enjoy.