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Mr. Skin Battles Egotastic? History is Made in the Game of Nudes! (VIDEO)


There comes a time when even kin must go to war. My brother from another mother, Mr. Skin and I are having a feud. With Game of Thrones premiering this weekend once more on HBO, we got into a conversation about the best HBO nude scene shows of all time. Chairs were thrown, drinks were spilled, Chicago style dogs were slung. We agreed to put it up to a vote, with each of us ‘drafting’ our team of five favorite HBO nude shows of all time for the skintastic factor and let you decide who’s the champ. This is how men who love boobs decide important matters.

Be sure to check out the NSFW Video Compilation for Each of Our Teams. It’s rather boob-blessed.

The Egotastic Lineup: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Big Love, Sex and the City

The Mr. Skin Lineup: Rome, True Detective, Dream On, Tell Me You Love Me, Girls

Now, I ask you, being completely objective even though I’m your very favorite uncle, who drafted the better lineup of HBO Nude Shows?

Who Scored The Better HBO Nude Shows Roster?

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Mr. Skin Offering $4/Month Deal on Annual Subscriptions to Celebrate This Historical Battle

Here’s how the detailed drafting went down between teams…


Mr. Skin Whack-It Bracket Best Boobs Challenge, You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play


If you’re like me, you’re sitting on Kentucky as your last team left in your 17th-20th place finish office bracket. Hopefully, you’re not like me. Except that you really do lust celebrity funbags. Which is nothing but admirable in my book. Mr. Skin, has combined the thirst for chest with the March Madness basketball mania into the Mr. Skin Whack-It Bracket challenge which allows you to vote for your favorites celebrity ladies of the ta-ta’s, help pick a bracket winner, and maybe win yourself a Go-Pro camera in the process.

This is kind of like entering the Wonka candy factory, except you get to drink from the chocolate river. And it’s not chocolate, it’s especially hot chesty melons. That’s how my candy factory would be, I assure you.

VOTE NOW. Vote often. Win yourself a camera and take some pictures of you hot neighbor who keeps forgetting to pull down her shades. It didn’t happen if you don’t send me copies! Enjoy.

Mr. Skin St. Patrick’s Day Special, Lust of the Irish!


Being from Chicago, Mr. Skin himself begins drinking up for St. Patrick’s day right around March 2. Corned beef and cabbage always tastes better on a two week bender. As does giving away crazy deals on your proudly prurient product. Mr. Skin has kindly offered Egotastic! readers subscriptions to Mr. Skin for just $4 a month. Offer ends when he awakes from his Jameson’s, so don’t dawdle.

I can’t tell you the sheer and udder (and utter) joy that comes with your very own Mr. Skin membership. I can only implore you to explore the tingles that can be had… for just four damn dollars. You show me a place where you can have hours of spine tingling fun for just a few shekels these days and I’ll push that too. I just want you to be happy. And occasionally chaffed. Tougher skin grows back in its place. Enjoy.

Walk, don’t crawl, to the Mr. Skin $4/month Special.

Mr. Skin Is Giving Away Prizes Just for Checking Out His Topless Anatomy Award Winners! (VIDEO)



My good friend Mr. Skin is the kind of guy who would bail you out of jail without hesitation. Of course, he’d probably be the reason you were in the slammer in the first place, so there’s that for the balance sheet. But when he told me he wanted everybody on Egotastic to check out the ridiculously hot and topless winners of his 16th Annual Anatomy Awards, I said, mofo, show me the Roku. So he did.


Check out all the topless smoking hot winners of this year’s Anatomy Awards and enter yourself to win a Roku 3. This prize ain’t for everybody, only the sexy people. Oh, and Egotastic! Readers. We are considered a big get now. We can probably get good tables at Marie Callender’. This is huge. Enjoy.

Check Out the Anatomy Award Winners »

Mr. Skin Valentine’s Day Offer — Only $4 A Month! So Much Better Than Chocolate or Flowers!



I don’t know what you’re getting your beloved this Valentine’s Day, but you can be sure it’ll be wilted or consumed or forgotten or even the source of arguments by this time Monday. Unless you purchase Mr. Skin’s latest hot rock bottom deal for Valentine’s Day. $4 a month, which is crazy cheap for the master of all things nekkid and onscreen celebrity. For man, for woman, for your androgynous Subway sandwich maker who treats you so nicely throughout the year. This is the gift to buy for that special person in your life. Most especially if that special person is you.

Mr. Skin Crazy Ass Valentine’s Day Deal, Just $4 a Month

Every minute you wait is another minute without the hundreds of thousand of photos and videos, brand new, vintage, everywhere in between, or Mr. Skin skin-filled content. It’s the gift everybody cherishes. Seriously, get one for grandma. This is less than the cost of one ticket to see 50 Shades of Grey, and will make you feel dirty good instead of just dirty why am I here. Trust. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin $4 Crazy Ass Special for Super Bowl Weekend (I Said Crazy Ass, This Is the Big One!)


Occasionally around special annual occasions, my buddy Mr. Skin gets a little lit on Scotch and Yoohoo chocolate soda and offers up some how low can you go crazy kind of offer. This is that time. With the Super Bowl this weekend, the prurient and nekkid lady-loving bastards at Mr. Skin have brought back their $4 a Month Lowest price Ever deal.

Now, I don’t tout many products on this site, outside of human flesh and the grateful love you ought feel for the woman who brought you into this world, but Mr. Skin memberships is simply one of the tools you want in your utility belt of happiness. For just $4 a month, it’ll never ever be a better deal. I feel like Crazy Eddie if Crazy Eddie sold topless Jessica Alba. Had he, he still might be around. Act now.

Golden Globes 2015 Nominees Topless and a 3-Day Free Trial Offer from Mr. Skin


Naturally, our friends at Mr. Skin are very into the Golden Globes Awards this weekend. For Hollywood it means a few dozen members of the boozing and bon vivant life living Foreign Press Association picking winners and losers. For Mr. Skin, a chance to show you the lady nominees quite without their clothes on. You really shouldn’t miss this topless thespianic VIDEO.

And to celebrate, launching into 2015 Awards Season with a 3-Day Free Trial Offer to Mr. Skin. Because the skin baring parts really are the best parts of all these shows and movies.

I can’t guarantee you won’t be slightly alarmed by the amount of smuggery and backslapping this trophy season in Tinsel Town. But I can assure you that you will be nothing but pleased with a Mr. Skin membership. Give it a spin and see if you don’t come up with a movie smile. Enjoy.