Model Sophia Filipe Plays Some Soccer Around The World Cup On The Beach In Very Sexy Bikini Photos

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aldo-vallon - June 22, 2018

It is always a dangerous move to bring a ball out at the beach. There are always douchebags who have no game that want to impress uninterested ladies with their skills that have not applied to their lives since high school gym class. Unless of course they are gym teachers, and in that case it is still very much applicable.

That being said, playing with a soccer ball on the beach during the world cup is like playing Russian roulette without any empty chambers. You are sure to get wannabes swarming around you, looking to show off their bicycle kick. You might even get some of the pro’s from the competition to join in. If they have already been booted from contention then it is likely that they will try to drown out their sorrows with a beach vacation, and that could take place just about anywhere, so no one is safe.

I do not think there is a worse shame than being shown up on a beach by a pro. It does not matter if it is soccer or ultimate frisbee. Getting embarrassed by their skill makes the thought of a one-way swim into the sunset feel halfway worth it.


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