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Mr. Skin Has a Special Offer in Honor of Alexandra Daddario’s Beautiful Bare Knockers


I guess everybody needs to honor something in their lives. The good and naughty folks at Mr. Skin are honoring the epic reveal this past week of Alexandra Daddario and her glorious topless parts in HBO's True Detective. It really was one of the more epic introductions of a wonderful chest that I can recall in all my 137 years of doing this kind of work.

Out of respect to Alexandra's amazing hooters, Mr. Skin is inviting EgoReaders to come check out the Percy Jackson starlets bare udders on their site as well as the entire rest of their immense TV and movie hottie archive. You could think of worse ways to waste your time at the office or school. Just saying. And, now, just watching Alexandra. She really has made quite a splash. Enjoy.

The Mr. Skin Top 10 Nekkid Onscreen Scenes of the Year Are In (VIDEO)


You know I'm not a big fan of end of the year lists. The mere fact that Miley Cyrus is currently leading the Time Person of the Year online voting says enough about why making lists unless your name is Kris Kringle is something of a fool's errand. Nevertheless, when those lists come along with wicked hot nekkid scenes of our favorite sextastic celebrities, well, then, list away I say.

Our friends at Mr. Skin have come out with their annual Top 10 Nekkid Scenes of the Year, and I must say, it's rather impressive. Hollywood will always be alive so long as there are beautiful actresses baring their wares on screen You can quote me on that.

And, by the way, if you haven't yet picked up your Ego Reader discounted membership to Mr. Skin as a Christmas present for a loved one, asked yourself this, why do you hate Christmas so much? It's the gift guaranteed to be received excitedly, not to mention by used excitedly. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Announces Top Nudecomers of the Year for 2013 Playlist


I'll say this for the good and decent flesh loving folks at Mr. Skin, they all went to pun school something fierce. Hence, the Nudecomers of the Year they've assembled, highlighting footage of the hottest girls on the big and small screen to break big in 2013. A few of these are names you already know from visiting here daily, others names of girls you will know doubt want to know or say, hell yeah, that girl has a bright future.

Check out the Mr. Skin Top Nudecomers Playlist designed especially for Egotastic! Readers and see how many of the new faces, err, topless bodies you recognize. Enjoy.

The 2013 Emmy Nominees Get Nekkid on Mr. Skin, You Really Should See

I know what you're thinking. Sure, those newly nominated Emmy Award actresses all gave stellar performances this past year, but I wonder what they look like without their clothes on. Okay, this is what I'm thinking and I know I'm not alone.

Thanks to our skin-loving friends at Mr. Skin, purveyors of all things revealing on TV and film, we have a compilation of all the baring goodness for 24 Emmy nominees wrapped into one fine little playlist. And, don't you know, it's free for Egotastic! Readers. Just like a vending machine if you hit it hard enough in exactly the right place.

Check out the 2013 Emmy Nominated Actresses Nekkid on Mr.Skin and see who really deserves to be taking home a statue.

Mr. Skin Celebrates Summer with 69 Shocking Onscreen Nekkid Scenes


Leave it to our skin-sharing friends at Mr. Skin to pervert even the finest of seasons, summer, with their ode to freaky nekkid scenes on TV and in the movies. And I mean freaky. Ghastly, ghoulish, and downright weird combinations of props, costumes, scenarios and unclad topless actresses being subjected to disturbing interactions thereby.

Check out the 69 Freakiest Nude Scenes of All Time on Mr. Skin. The videos are gratis with a completely free sign up. I've seen a few, they are weirdly enthralling. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Has Got Your Women of Steel Right Here

Leave it to our good friends at Mr. Skin to corrupt everything decent and good and wholesome with their X-ray vision of all things celebrity and nekkid on screen. Like Lex Luthors of the lewd. Or Zods of the.... meh, I'm already out.

Mr. Skin has put together a trailer reel of the Sexy Sirens of Superman that you really ought to see if you call yourself a fanboy, or just a boy of any kind. Girls will like it too. Because you Sapphics know you lean hard on Lois Lane fantasies. Up, up, and away!

Forgotten Mammaries This Memorial Day? Not on Mr. Skin’s Watch!


This Memorial Day, why not celebrate the mammaries of both the big stars and perhaps the lesser known, oft-forgotten thespianics with less notoriety, but certainly all the assets of their better known big sisters.

Our friends at Mr. Skin have put together 32 scenes of the most amazing onscreen racks from slightly lesser known actresses. Let's not call them D-listers, how about DD-listers?