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Mr. Skin Celebrates Summer with 69 Shocking Onscreen Nekkid Scenes


Leave it to our skin-sharing friends at Mr. Skin to pervert even the finest of seasons, summer, with their ode to freaky nekkid scenes on TV and in the movies. And I mean freaky. Ghastly, ghoulish, and downright weird combinations of props, costumes, scenarios and unclad topless actresses being subjected to disturbing interactions thereby.

Check out the 69 Freakiest Nude Scenes of All Time on Mr. Skin. The videos are gratis with a completely free sign up. I've seen a few, they are weirdly enthralling. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Has Got Your Women of Steel Right Here

Leave it to our good friends at Mr. Skin to corrupt everything decent and good and wholesome with their X-ray vision of all things celebrity and nekkid on screen. Like Lex Luthors of the lewd. Or Zods of the.... meh, I'm already out.

Mr. Skin has put together a trailer reel of the Sexy Sirens of Superman that you really ought to see if you call yourself a fanboy, or just a boy of any kind. Girls will like it too. Because you Sapphics know you lean hard on Lois Lane fantasies. Up, up, and away!

Forgotten Mammaries This Memorial Day? Not on Mr. Skin’s Watch!


This Memorial Day, why not celebrate the mammaries of both the big stars and perhaps the lesser known, oft-forgotten thespianics with less notoriety, but certainly all the assets of their better known big sisters.

Our friends at Mr. Skin have put together 32 scenes of the most amazing onscreen racks from slightly lesser known actresses. Let's not call them D-listers, how about DD-listers?

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Our Amigos at Mr. Skin


Nary a holiday can go by without our friends at Mr. Skin figuring out a way to twist the sacred into the profane in a manner that we can truly respect. Hey, Cinco de Mayo is an important celebration for the Mexican people, but the celebration of sextastic Mexican actresses is something the entire world can get behind. At least, the entire Egotastic! world.

Check out the Mr. Skin Cinco de Mayo celebration of nekkid Mexican Mamacitas teaser reel and see if you don't suddenly feel like making sweet sultry romance to a lovely Latina.

Game of Thrones Nekkid Playlist from Mr. Skin

I know what you're thinking. Man, I do love that Game of Thrones, but do I really have to sit through hours of bloody killings and impalings just to see all the hot actresses on the show get nekkid? The answer is 'not any more'.

The geniuses of skinema over at Mr. Skin have started building playlists that feature every single nekkid moment in your favorite shows, including Game of Thrones.

Check out the Nekkid Babes of Game of Thrones playlist and sign up for just a few shekels a month for access to the whole hottie-filled Wonka factory.

Mr. Skin Reveals Whack-It Bracket for March Madness Done The Fun Way (With Prizes)

Our good and celebrity-revealing friends at Mr. Skin never miss an opportunity for a bad pun or a good contest combining bare actress boobtastic and fun prizes.

Say hello to the Whack-It Bracket, this week down to the Sweet 16 of the best thespianic funbags on the planet, pitted headed to head in a competition where you decide the winner. Jennifer Connelly vs. Rosario Dawson in the first game of this round. Oh, how to decide????

One lucky voter gets a $500 gift card to Fandango. So, it's a win-win generally speaking. But only one girl can win technically, so go VOTE NOW.

We Saw Your Boobs! Mr. Skin Provides the Visual Reference for the Seth MacFarlane Song

You saw the Oscars last night. I know you did. And one of the better pieces of the fairly shoddy evening was the 'We Saw Your Boobs', the song penned and song and beautiful inspired by Seth MacFarlane, who we gave a B grade for the evening, which happens to be the best grade in a very long time for Oscar hosts.

See all the clips mentioned in 'We Saw Your Boobs' on Mr. Skin

But, more to the point. Our good friends at Mr. Skin have put together a point by point, err, skin by skin, celebration of every single actress mentioned in the 'We Saw Your Boobs' and they are making it available free to Egotastic! readers. Yes, free, that's a good price. You really must see it.