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Diana Falzone Sextastic Photoshoot Takes You Into Her Happy Place

Here’s why you want to be a photographer: we’ve known hottie TV correspondent and Internet advice columnist Diana Falzone for some time now, and not even an invite into the threshold of her home, but if you’re noted Me in My Place photographer Michael Edwards, somehow you get an immediate invite into her boudoir, Diana shimmies into little bits of sexy clothing, and off you go into a mind-bending intimate photoshoot. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

But, for the general ogling public, life is more than fair as we get the most delicious Diana Falzone pictorial to ever hit the visual airwaves, a glance at the sultry brunette in her very own place, bending and stretching and showing why you would listen to her relationship advice, if not but to smile dumbly and stare into her dark eyes (yes, I said eyes, raise your glances you dastardly males!)

Be sure to check out the entire set of Diana Falzone boudoir photos on Me in My Place, where you can also procure yourself one damn fine MIMP mobile-app for all your smoking hot girls in skimpy underthings needs.

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FIRST LOOK: Jessica Rafalowski Takes You Sweetly Deeply Wonderfully Into Her Place

We love going into the boudoirs of the hot and hotter and exploring all their bendy, shapely, stretchy poses in their various states of undies and undress. It’s just our thing really. Which is why the Me in My Place photoshoots continue to thrill and chill us with their inner-sanctum like hotness, including this early peek at the very latest MIMP shoot of former beauty queen, Miss Florida, and current sextastic model, Jessica Rafalowski, the Polish dream, getting all kinds of amazing looking for the cameras in her bedroom.

Even with some Chi-town roots in this office, we try not to play Pole-favorites, but there is little extra bit of electricity flowing through the office here when the girls of Polish descent start flashing their amazing bodies. Take a look at Jessica for yourself and see if you’re not feeling a little stirring in your pierogi, if you know what I’m saying. Enjoy.

Absolutely check out more exclusive pics of Jessica Rafalowski on the Me in My Place website, and if you want to treat yourself, your father, or just the dude in the street who sells you half-smoked cigarettes to a Father’s Day present this week, you must consider the amazing Me in My Place mobile app. Worth every penny.

Laura Vandervoort Super Hot As She Takes You Into Her Flirty Fortress of Fapitude

By now you know we beyond dig the shizz out of the Me in My Place photo-series which we will be focusing on this summer, both the brand new eye popping shoots and the most memorable classic celeb boudoir shots of the past couple of years. Because we happen to love sextastic celebrities in their underthings in their bedrooms, so shoot us.

Today happens to be the brand new eye popping variety of shoots courtesy of Supergirl herself, Laura Vandervoort, who gets all kinds of informally wicked hot in her brand new Me in My Place photoshoot for Esquire magazine, just out today. Oh, when the young ladies start to bend and stretch and pose in their little cotton undies how I feel a delightful seizure coming on. It’s really quite the thing.

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Olga Fonda Sexy In Her Undies To Help Launch ‘Me in My Place’ Mobile App (With Discount for Egotastic! Readers)

You know how much we love the Me in My Place photoshoots of sextastic celebrities that normally appear as feature pictorials in Esquire magazine. Shoots such as the lovely and delightful Real Steel, really hot Russian model and actress Olga Fonda taking you into the cotton goodness of her boudoir.

Well, now, Michael Edwards, Me in My Place photographer, has a MIMP mobile app that features tons of exclusive, extra photos from each of his daring and baring photoshoots that you can’t find anywhere else online. And he’s adding more of these ‘director’s cut’ photos of hotties such as Olga Fonda daily. More importantly, Michael has a discount offer just for Egotastic! readers, who are known across the web as the finest connoisseurs of the celebrity sextastic.


Be sure to enter discount code ‘egotastic’ to get the MIMP Mobile App for a mere $12 a year. You want a bargain? That’s an effin’ bargain.

So, run, don’t walk to your computer for tons of fresh new seriously sexy photos of your favorite celebs.

Check Out the YouTube Promo for the MIMP App »

Carly Craig Takes You Deep and Smiling Hot Into Her Special Place (VIDEO)

Editor’s Note: some or all of the media elements previously contained in this posting have been removed.

Remember Carly Craig who got topless red hot in Role Models? Yeah, that Carly Craig.

Well, she’s back, with just a wee bit more clothing, but also much better lighting, for her crack at the beloved Esquire magazine ‘Me in My Place’ photo series, showing all sorts of flexibility, bendiness, and just plain old-fashioned sextastic. Today might just be a high watermark for hot girls in little clothing on all fours, and the watermark ain’t the only thing raised because of it, if you catch my drift.

Carly Craig looks all kinds of ridiculously passion-inducing in this pictorial, and even if we’ve now established that each of these sweet hot celeb bedrooms look exactly alike, now it not the time to complain about staging. Just look at those poses! Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Amazingly Fully Sextastic Boudoir Set from ‘Me in My Place’

(Editor’s Note: parts or all of the media originally contained in this post have been removed.)

Who knew that that amazing pictorial of the minxish delight, Sara Jean Underwood, in her panties and little underthings showing off her various places in Esquire magazine last week was but a teaser, an appetizer if you will for the fully-released sextacular catalog of bedroom photos? Okay, I mean, we did, but we do so love surprises.

So, surprise! Sara Jean Underwood in dozens and dozens of the most amazing (barely clothed) views of the ridiculously hot petite buxom blonde we’ve ever seen. It’s like a Springtime wonderland of cotton goodness, in stretches, poses, and bodily reveals that will likely kill several of you, but such is the price we pay for unadulterated lust.

Takes your time, flip through these photos with blessed anticipation of the next, and, for the love of god, make sure you lock your door. Enjoy.

Check Out Sara Jean Underwood in Her BTS Video »

Sara Jean Underwood Strips To Her Underwear In Her Sexy Place

(Editor’s Note: parts or all of the media originally contained in this post have been removed.)

Given that this is Masters weekend, a little golf analogy is mightily in order. So let’s call this bit of Sara Jean Underwood magnificence a hole in one. 

Our very favorite magazine feature, ‘Me in My Place’, from the good and girl loving folks at Esquire has just driven it straight and true with the bedroom undies addition of the luscious minx, Sara Jean, to their fake boudoir scenery. Sara Jean Underwood is all kinds of bendable and hot and has no apparent bad sides, just a 360 of body delicious that we’d like to carve into a statue using only our anatomical chisel.

Wow. And, damn. And, most of all..enjoy.