Me in My Place

Amanda Righetti Boudouir Hot In Her Place

If you’ve also experienced long and unyielding types of lust for the oft-conservatively dressed Amanda Righetti, today is our day.

Amanda has allowed photographer Michael Edwards and his Me in My Place feature camera into her own home, gotten down to her bedroom clothing, and let the camera snap away. The result as always is wonderfully intimate nightgown and underwear photos of the sextastic Amanda on her home court. The level of alluring is, well, alluring. I think I might actually break into tears, or a song, or just lock the door and pray the postman doesn’t come around back to an awkward sight. She is a visual treasure.

To see the full set of Amanda Righetti photos, visit Me in My Place.

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Tiffani Thiessen Celebrates Her Birthday With Some Boudoir Hotness ‘In Her Place’

If there’s two things we dig it’s all grow’d up childhood female stars like Tiffani Thiessen, and the Me in My Place photoseries from photographer Michael Edwards, wherein super hot girls drop down to little bits of clothes in their bedroom.

Today being Tiffani’s birthday, her 39th to be precise, we are fortunate to have a sampling of her sextastic boudoir photoshoot, revealing a bit of the old Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell, merged with some now veteran MILFtastic hotness. It’s all kind of working quite well.

To see the full set of Tiffani Thiessen photos, visit Me in My Place.

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Brittany Mason Takes You Into Her Place, Strips Off Her Clothes, and Almost Shows You Her Miss Indianas

You know badly and madly we dig the Me in My Place photoseries from photographer Michael Edwards, wherein super hot girls invite the snapper into their boudoirs, strip down to their skivvies, or less, and begin bending and preening around their bedrooms as we imagine they do in our dreams. It truly is quite marvelous.

The lastest and hottest entrant into the MIMP series is former Miss Indiana and current model and actress, Brittany Mason, who will make your toes tingle, your eyes pop, and some other shizz happen in between that we’re too gentlemanly to mention. But, trust me, seeing Brittany Mason in her little cotton underthings with that body, it will happen.

To see the full set of Brittany Mason photos, visit the Brittany Mason page on Me in My Place.

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Heard of Supermodel Kira Dikhytar? Because She’s About to Let You In Her Place and Steal Your Heart

You know how much we dig the Me in My Place photo series, where photographer Michael Edwards finds some of the hottest women on this planet and gets them into their skivvies in their bedrooms ans snaps away. Genius, and we all benefit.

Even more fun to discover some new talent, such as Russian supermodel Kira Dikhytar, who in typical MIMP fashion knows expertly how to bend and stretch and preen and pose that wonderful lean body of hers, flash some delicious looking booty and body, and essentially make me wonder what happens in that bedroom of hers when the lights go out.

For even more bedroom pictures of Kira Dikhytar, check her out on Me in My Place and absolutely be sure to get that MIMP web app if you happen to love hotties in their panties in their boudoirs. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Sextastic Additions to Her ‘Me in My Place’ Boudoir Pictorial

If you’ve been reading this site for a while now, you know of our lust affair for super hottie Eurasian model Chrissy Teigen and everything she stands for, or, you know, makes things stand up on us. So when the guys at Me in My Place asked us if we’d like to feature some new views from Chrissy’s amazingly sextastic boudoir photoshoot with MIMP, we muttered and fumbled for words, wiped the drool from our mouths, and said, ‘Yes, please, mother may I?’

And, behold, hotness personified A glimpse into the bendy stretch little cotton underthings clad hot Chrissy Teigen. We don’t just need a cold shower, we need a block of dry ice secured to the underside of our gunny sacks, lest we be arrested walking too close to a park or school with a situation we called the doctor about after four hours over four hours ago. Chrissy Teigen and Me in My Place, a match made in her heavenly looks. Enjoy.

MIMP Photographer Michael Edwards has been busy putting up an entire set of Chrissy Teigen outtakes from her infamous shoot. Do check them out.

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Julia Lescova Ridiculously Hot Body in Newly Released Boudoir Photos for ‘Me in My Place’

Holy hot effin’ bodies!

Guess supermodel Julia Lescova just might kill you with these newly released photos from her Me in My Place photoshoot. These may just be, nay, these are, her most sextastic pictures ever as the long lean lanky-licious model bends and contorts in her little tops and panties to make her bedroom seem like a ballet studio, if horny dudes ran the ballet. OMFG.

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Nina Dobrev Innocent and Sexy at or Around Her Place

We’ve certainly seen more skin in previous Me in My Place photoshoots, but when the subject is the steaming hot Nina Dobrev, not only do you take what you can get, you say, ‘Please, mistress, may I have another?’.

The Vampire Diaries starlet and all-around one of the hottest women in Hollywood let our photographer friend Michael Edwards and his MIMP camera into her inner sanctum for a few poses that leave us wanting to leave a few bite marks of our own along Nina’s sweet body. Alas, we can only dream of immortality with Nina Dobrev, but you can check out her entire set of photos at the Me in My Place website (and don’t forget to get their sweet MIMP web-app for all your naughty bedroom photoshoot needs). Enjoy.